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A new general medicine center in via Medini

by Davide Soattin

Four doctors’ offices, an office with two workstations, an infirmary, a meeting room and a waiting room. These i main services which will have the “Julian Tudor Hart” general medicine center in via Medini, inaugurated on Saturday morning with a ceremony that coincided with the celebrations for the fifty years of the Castello cooperative, creator and financier of the project.

The realization of the clinics, in fact, it was possible thanks to resources economic and ai locals messi a provision by the cooperative in the same condominium complex of via Medini, which will come managed by a group of doctors based on a design idea innovative integrated with nursing and di prevention in proximity of people’s living places to provide both the classic basic health services, as well as to carry out an action of empowerment of people and communities.

The goal is to act proactively within the community, to understand the dynamics of production health-disease agents in the territory in order to promote and implement salutogenic processes, through the work of an core team composed of four doctors general practitioner, secretaries and a nurse, who will have to also define a network enlarged by figure with whom I interfaced that they will represent a sort of extended team useful for the taking charge of assisted.

At the ribbon cutting of the new structure, together with the president of Coop Castello Loredano Ferrari and doctors Agostino Panaja e Elisa Mandolesi, also the councilor for social and housing policies Cristina Coletti: “This inauguration equips the Barco district with a new and functional proximity medical center, a medical center that will increase the quality of all the services in one of the most populous areas of Ferrara”.

“We are grateful to the cooperative of Castello inhabitants – added the commissioner, before the blessing given by Don Antonio Grandini among the notes of the musicians of the San Giovanni district – which has decided to invest its own resources, in a period that remains difficult, to give a gift to the whole city that will benefit from this splendid gesture, seeking increasingly effective answers to solve the problems exacerbated by the pandemic in this last half year “.

Coletti concluded: “This is why the cooperative of inhabitants has taken on an even more decisive role, because being part of that community for many people, especially the elderly, may have meant feeling less alone during the toughest phases of the health emergency. . Cooperating means always being there for each other and reaching out to the neediest citizens, who can always count on a safe shoulder to lean on ”.

Satisfaction with the important achievement also by Monica Calamai, general director of Ausl Ferrara who, absent for reasons related to the vaccination campaign, nevertheless wanted to express her thoughts through a message in which she defined the “enhancement of local medicine, which represents the future of patient management and is a priority objective at all levels“.

“Now – Calamai said lastly – the NRR will put in place the appropriate funding, pushing a lot on digitization and on homes, but also hospitals, communities, which will always be coordinated in the area of ​​territorial medicine. We continue to think from a win to win perspective, with final and common goal the patient“.

The regional leader of the Democratic Party also spoke on the inauguration Marcella Zappaterra, through social media, and the regional councilor Paolo Calvano: “We have dealt with the pandemic better where sanity was a traction force public, as well as clearly visible that the better is the health system rooted in the territory, which allows people to have proximity services. The work and effort made are important, but fifty years are only the beginning and we will have great ones ahead of us opportunity already with the Pnrr, with which we will have to make the leap in quality “.


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