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a second person died!

The night’s toll grew heavier in Eupen. It is no longer one person who died but two!

Around two o’clock in the morning, a drama played out in the café “A ge Pömpke” in Gospertstraße. For reasons that are not yet clear, a man broke into the cafe with a knife.

It left two dead and five injured among the cafe patrons as well as the waitress according to the GrenzEcho.

Six ambulances and two SMURs went there to help the wounded according to our information. They discovered an atrocious scene as they walked through the doors: there was blood everywhere!

A premeditated attack!

A man is said to have died at the scene. Her throat was slit. Two other people were in very serious condition when they were taken in by the emergency services and rushed to them.

A suspect, a 52-year-old Baelenois, was arrested by the police and detained on the count of premeditated murder.


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