A ship appears in Niagara Falls that disappeared more than 100 years ago





A ship missing for more than 100 years has reappeared on Halloween night in the Niagara Falls, leaving the national park workers out of place.

The hectic weather of those days unleashed and drove the boat away from a rocky site and brought it closer to the Canadian side falls, according to the Niagara Parks Commission as reported by CNN.

The boat, which is called «Iron Scow», disengaged from his tug boat, with two men on board, in 1918, being stranded about 590 meters from one of the famous waterfalls and since then becoming part of the local tradition.

To rescue the sailors they had to discard it through boats because it was not considered safe, so they threw buoys but became entangled until a brave man named William «Red» Hill he unraveled the ropes and the men could be rescued.

Since that year, the ship had remained very attached to the rocky set until the powerful gusts of wind and waves moved the remains of the barge, reports CNN.

Since then, the personnel of the Niagara Parks continue to monitor the activity of the boat, in case it moves again. And it is reported that the remains could be trapped in a new rocky place «for days or years. Nobody knows".

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