A South South police officer from which a black man went out excludes his job


The white police officer arrived in Indiana who made a fatal shooting of a black man last month – something that Pete Buttigieg, a Democratic presidential candidate returned home briefly – from his job.

Confirmed Order confirmed president of Harvey Mills Sgt. Ryan O'Neill's departure from the South Bend Police Department, stating that the officer was released “his job and that he was forced to defend his life from a convicted flat which was armed with an eight-inch hunting knife.” T

“We are confident that the investigation of the shooting will determine that its action based on the law and its training was justified.”

Neill was responding to a call about a suspicious person passing through cars on June 16 when he faced Eric Logan, 54 years of age, who was inside your vehicle.

O'Neill Logan, who was armed with a knife, shot him after he refused to release the army.

The next day, Buttigieg, who is a fingers of South Bend, abandoned the trail's presidential campaigns and returned to the city to fight the shooting with which the police were involved.

In a statement on Monday, Buttigeig said, “We will await the results of the independent criminal investigation, and implement any lessons learned in our work on the future of the Policing Department and the community.”

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