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A special for the Dakar is heading for the roads! The desert Ferrari wants to be the first car of its kind

This year, the renowned company Prodrive deployed a special Hunter at the Dakar Rally. She has now announced that a road derivative will also be created. She calls it a desert hypercar.

Prodrive has been known for years as a car modifier for racing purposes. The company cooperated with Subaru in the world of rally for the summer, after its departure from the WRC it established cooperation with Mini in the same area. This year, the British company headed for the Dakar Rally for the first time. And right away it will be a road car.

“No one has built such a car before. Imagine a road car capable of driving through sand dunes at a speed of 100 km / h and driving almost 500 kilometers there, because it has such a large fuel tank, ”says Prodrive CEO David Richards about the planned car.

The planned car will be based on the Prodrive Hunter special, which debuted at the Dakar Rally this year. And during his first participation he did not do badly, although Sebastian Leob had to withdraw from the competition, Nani Roma finished fifth with him in his category. “We did better than everyone imagined. The main element of the car’s design worked, although there are a number of adjustments we make based on this year’s experience, “says Richards.

The design of the production car will therefore follow on from the racing special, the body of which was designed by Ian Callum, Jaguar’s long-time chief designer. This will be matched by the character of the car, which Richards himself calls a “Ferrari desert” or a “desert hyperauto”.

Of course, the selected elements will change, the legendary head of Prodriva specifically talks about bigger and wider rounds. The interior will also be different, instead of the Spartan racing cabin with only the most important we can expect a more luxurious design.

However, the overall dimensions of 4.5 meters long, two meters wide and 1.8 meters high special will be preserved, as well as the engine of Ford origin. The Hunter is powered by a twice-supercharged 3.5-liter six-cylinder fork, which has been extensively modified. The road car can be tuned up to 500 horsepower (368 kW), which would be even more than a 400-horsepower racer. The overall tuning should not be as harsh as in a race car. This may change the sequential gearbox, but all-wheel drive with three differentials should be maintained.

Although Richards does not talk about it, the construction of the road Prodriv Hunter was undoubtedly made possible by an investor from Bahrain, who already financially supported the creation of the Dakar special. Given the nature of the car, the rich Middle East should be one of the largest markets. But Prodrive Hunter will certainly be interesting in Russia, China or the USA.


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