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About COVID vaccine, if you have varicose veins, hepatitis B or C, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, epilepsy. All the answers, HERE

“I have prepared information that I hope will help you with all the doubts or fears. They are explained simply, for everyone to understand. Therefore, here is some very useful information:

1. The only contraindications to vaccination are allergic reactions to the first dose or immune thrombocytopenia induced by the first dose. No second dose is given. So there are no other contraindications, but, as you will see below, there are situations in which it would be good to talk to your doctor, for complete safety.
2. Vaccines are indicated in pregnancy. At any time during pregnancy. Gynecological associations strongly recommend vaccination, because there are still many severe cases of hospitalized pregnant women, unfortunately not vaccinated.
3. Vaccines are indicated in breast-feeding. Antibodies will also protect the baby.
4. After finishing the isolation you can make the vaccine, regardless of whether we are talking about dose 1, booster, booster. Therefore, it is recommended that you get the vaccine even if you have had Covid. You do not have to wait 1-2-4-6 months, but immediately after the end of the isolation you can make the vaccine, of course respecting the time for booster or booster.
5. It must be at least 6 months after the booster to be able to do the booster. Only those with compromised immunity (for example those with cancers) make the scheme with 3 doses from the first, according to a special plan.
6. Boosters are Pfizer or Moderna. I repeat, they are made at least 6 months from the schemes that can be with AstraZeneca 2 doses, Pfizer 2 doses, Modern 2 doses, Johnson & Johnson 1 dose.
7. Even if you had the scheme with AstraZeneca, the booster will be Pfizer or Moderna. I’m sure, yes, the approval came from studies. There is no evidence to be afraid of anything if we mix the vaccines.
8. Those with heart, lung, liver, etc. diseases. have no contraindication to vaccination. On the contrary, they are in dire need of a vaccine.
9. Those with thrombophilia or thrombosis have no contraindication to vaccination. I can make an mRNA vaccine. They also talk to the hematologist, and if there is a current treatment, the doctor will explain if that treatment will stop or not.

10. It’s sad that we still don’t know what mRNA means (we’ve seen a lot of questions about what RNA is) – it’s a gene component that contains the information on which the body makes the S protein and triggers immunity against it. The S protein (spike, meaning “spike”) is also present in the virus, and when it enters the body it is immediately recognized and the fight with it begins. MRNA vaccines are Pfizer and Moderna.
11. Severe immunocompromised people are in dire need of a vaccine. I can even schedule 3 doses of the first, according to a special plan, to achieve the best possible immunity.
12. Those with active cancers who are taking severe treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy will talk to their doctor and determine the opportunity for vaccination. In principle, the vaccine can be given after the completion of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
13. Autoimmune diseases are NOT contraindications to vaccination. If you have thyroiditis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or any other autoimmune condition, you have no contraindications. You can get any approved vaccine.
14. No inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. there are no contraindications to vaccination.
15. Dosage of antibodies before vaccination (any dose) is unnecessary. I repeat, you can get the vaccine even if you have been through the disease. Passing through disease + vaccine = excellent immunity.
16. The booster is recommended during this period, yes. Minimum 6 months from booster -> booster.
17. Johnson & Johnson has an approved booster at least 6 months after the single dose – it will be with Pfizer or Moderna. Another dose of JJ can be made.
18. Approval will also be given for the vaccination of children between 5 and 11 years old. Approval has already been given in the US by the FDA and is followed by the EMA for Europe. US studies have shown that vaccines are safe, have excellent efficacy. I prepared a material here – https://bit.ly/fda-copii
19. Vaccination between 12 and 18 years is approved and is done exactly as in adults, with Pfizer or Moderna.

20. No, overdose is NOT dangerous. The deadlines have been officially extended. It was initially thought that the mRNA would not last long, but reality has shown us otherwise. There is NO problem here.
21. Varicose veins are NOT contraindications, that I received a lot of messages about it.
22. Vaccines do NOT give leukemia at 3-5 years. I never give, we have no warning about it. They don’t give cancer and they don’t kill us after 50 years. MRNA vaccines cannot interfere with DNA.
23. Vaccines do NOT affect fertility. There is no evidence to tell us that. So the vaccine can be given at any time before the intention to procreate.
24. Vaccination can be done in HIV. Smoothly. It’s really indicated.

25. The Covid vaccine and the flu vaccine can be given at the same time.

Even on the same day, yes. They will each be made in a different arm. As with anti-HPV, we have no evidence that their simultaneous administration would cause problems.

26. Those with epilepsy can also be vaccinated, yes.
27. Can myocarditis occur after vaccination? I explained this simply here – https://bit.ly/miocardita
28. What do we do with hepatitis B or C? We make the vaccine. We really need him! There are no contraindications here either.
29. What about allergies? There are so many people with allergies! Well, those who have a history of anaphylactic shock will NEVER get the vaccine in a hospital with doctors nearby. Those with multiple allergic terrain should talk to their allergist. Those with common, mild allergies have no contraindications to vaccination.

30. Patients who are anticoagulated with symptoms, thrombostop, warfarin – have a stable INR, ideally closer to 2. They can be vaccinated without problems. Announce in the center, a fine needle is used, everything is fine.
31. Patients with new generation anticoagulants (apixaban, dabigatran, rivaroxaban) can get the vaccine without any problems. As they do not monitor the INR anyway, they announce to the center to use a fine needle.
32. How and when are boosters made? I prepared a material here – https://bit.ly/booster-covid
33. Inflated lymph nodes after vaccination? Yes! Can occur. It’s NOT scary, they’ll give it back.
34. Fever, headache, fatigue, muscle aches after the vaccine? Yes! They can occur, they are part of the immune response. A few days pass, there’s nothing to be scared of. Take paracetamol or ibuprofen as needed.
35. What do you do when your doctor tells you that you are NOT allowed to get vaccinated? I prepared a material here – https://bit.ly/rec-medici
36. There is a link to a parliamentary proposal on hundreds of thousands of deaths due to vaccines and their recognition will be blocked. Anyone can make a parliamentary proposal. This does not mean that the proposal is validated and voted on. And I can propose that from tomorrow those who are pulled by the power be compensated (I couldn’t help myself, sorry).
37. DO NOT take home treatments such as ivermectin, arbidol or anything similar that is not officially approved. Relying on them you can waste precious time, then arrive in serious form at the hospital.

38. What do you do if you have Covid?

Tell your family doctor, take treatment, monitor your oxygen saturation to be over 94%, hydrate well, rest, eat. Stay in isolation those

14 days. If lung function is impaired and saturation is significantly reduced, call 112 immediately.
39. You do NOT need to take anticoagulant or aspenter before or after the vaccine!
40. After the vaccine, immunity needs several days to appear. About 10 days after the JJ dose, about 30-40 days to reach the peak of the first dose for Pfizer. Protect yourself with a mask, keep your distance, you have good hygiene. It’s a shame to get infected right after vaccination!
41. Any vaccine is good. The greatest protection is given by Moderna, then Pfizer, then JJ. But any vaccine protects excellently on severe forms.
42. DO NOT risk getting the green certificate without getting vaccinated. It is a criminal case and if you want to get the vaccine, you will not be able to.
43. Why would you want to exercise natural immunity when you have a safe, tested, cheap product (even free for you, because the state pays for it) that ensures a very good defense? I know a lot of people who have gone through the disease and still haven’t recovered, months away. Why would you want to make fun of your body with a disease that dusts your lungs, blood vessels, heart, brain? Why would you choose this and not the vaccine?
44. Can palpitations or high blood pressure occur after the vaccine? Please read this material – https://bit.ly/palpitatii-miastenia
45. Can the myasthenia gravis vaccine be given? I prepared this material – https://bit.ly/palpitatii-miastenia
46. ​​Mast cell vaccine? YES! Musai in the hospital, with the doctors close.
47. Can the vaccine be given in endometriosis? There is no evidence to lead us to a contraindication, so yes, it is possible.
48. Can blood be donated after the vaccine has been given? YES! You can donate blood at any time, even after the booster! ”, Wrote doctor Vasi Rădulescu on his Facebook account.


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