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Advice about former Rangers coach: I ate Gerrard, but he fell for me

Glasgow (from our newsletter) – “Rangers fan reactions can be hateful. Kamara’s lawyer feeds everything, he does PR. There will be fifty thousand spectators in the auditorium. But Sparta is so experienced that she should rise above it. The problem did not arise in her match, but the Scots do not distinguish it. But it can be a little broken down by the departure of coach Gerrard. He was a football player for me. I recognized him, I ate him, he was tough. But he fell for me here. As he said after the match in Sparta … Something I don’t understand is hindering, “says former national coach Petr Rada in the BODLO podcast on Sport.cz, who also commented on the Kamara case.

He considers the whole case to be a strange, ten-match penalty for the Inadequates. “I respect Ondra Kúdely, as a player and a boy. I wouldn’t say that to me in my life. When I meet him, I will say to him, “Look! But then the referee was responsible for everything. He now whistled us with Jablonec on Randers, he didn’t whistle a clear penalty, “says the current Jablonec coach.

According to him, the topic of racism is politicized. “And politics is not part of the sport,” the Council is clear. That’s why he’s not even a fan of the pre-match gestures in a lot of players in England. “If I played in England, I wouldn’t kneel with my character either. The racism that is being developed here is simply politics,” the Council said.

“You know, if I’m going to have a black or white Cvancar in the chain (note – forward Jablonec), I’ll take it anyway. I’ll scold him in exactly the same way, if he deserves it, “the 63-year-old coach points out that he has exactly the same approach to players of all ethnicities.


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