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Aftenbladet’s webcam shows a person walking away after a motorhome ended up in the sea at Tungenes lighthouse

A motorhome ended up in the sea at Tungenes lighthouse on Wednesday night, and a rescue operation was triggered. Aftenbladet’s webcam captured some of what happened. Late Wednesday night, the police had still not been in contact with the car owner.

A full alarm was sounded when the message about the motorhome came. The motorhome floated further and further out. Photo: Jon Ingemundsen

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Around 7 pm, the police were notified that a motorhome had been observed floating in the sea at Tungenes lighthouse in Randaberg. What had happened was unknown. Even if there were some people in the camper. Therefore, a full alarm was sounded.

Both rescue helicopter, ambulance boat, a supply boat and volunteers joined the action. The motorhome floated further and further out.

At 19.38, Aftenbladet’s photographer Jon Ingemundsen reported that the motorhome was then around 400–500 meters from land.

A few minutes later, divers from the fire service had determined that there were no people in the motorhome, and the case was then taken over by the Main Rescue Center.

In the sea between 18.45 and 18.47

Aftenbladet has a web camera by Tungenes lighthouse that films out to sea. It moves from side to side.

The motorhome is on land. The time now is 18.44.51. Photo: Aftenbladet’s webcam

By rewinding to the time around when the motorhome ended up in the sea, you can see some of what happened. (NOTE: You can only rewind an hour in the recording).

When the camera films the seafront below a cairn to the right of the lighthouse at 18.45, the motorhome is at the bottom of the gravel road that goes down to the sea. No people are seen around the car.

The motorhome is located in the sea. One person is ashore. The time now is 18.47.12. Photo: Aftenbladet’s webcam

Then the camera moves to the left, and the motorhome disappears from the picture.

When the camera returns at 18.47, the motorhome is in the sea, approximately five to ten meters from land.

A person stands on land and looks at the motorhome, before the person after a few seconds turns around, picks up some objects on the ground and walks calmly upwards. After about 30 meters, after passing a cairn, the person turns again towards the motorhome, before continuing to walk.

The next time the camera films the scene, the person is gone, while the camper is further out in the sea.

The motorhome floats. A person is on his way away. The time now is 18.47.24. Photo: Aftenbladet’s webcam

The motorhome flows further and further out. The time now is 18.54.38. Photo: Aftenbladet’s webcam

Message at 19

– We received a message around 7 pm that a motorhome had ended up in the sea. The latest message we have received is that the car has been seen 50-60 meters from land, said duty officer at Rogaland fire and rescue to Aftenbladet earlier Wednesday night.

– We have information that the motorhome is still floating, and that it is a good distance from land. The fire brigade is on its way out to it, to see if there are people inside, said operations manager Dag Steinkopf at the South-West police district to Aftenbladet at 19.30.

Here the motorhome is towed towards land. Photo: The rescue company

DRAWING THE CARAVAN: The photo was taken from the lifeboat «Sjømann». Photo: The rescue company

The police had not yet received information about the registration number of the motorhome. No people connected to the motorhome had reported.

At 19.45, the police task leader on the spot, Tom Erik Birkeland, stated that divers had been below the water surface by the motorhome. No people were found in the car. The case has now been taken over by the Main Rescue Center at Sola.

Do not contact car owner

Police operations manager Dag Steinkopf tells Aftenbladet at 20.50 that the motorhome has been identified.

– We have a registration number, and the car is domiciled in our district. But we have not yet contacted the car owner.

Steinkopf has seen the pictures from the web friend that Aftenbladet has published.

– We do not know who the person on land is, whether it is a car owner or someone else. The motorhome may also have been stolen. The case will be investigated. If the car owner was the driver when this happened, he or she will be questioned.

When Aftenbladet spoke to the police again at 22.06, contact with the car owner had still not been achieved after several attempts.

The motorhome has been taken up by the sea.

The main rescue center has coordinated the action. But when Aftenbladet spoke with rescue leader Thoralf Juva at 21.13, the operation had just ended on their part.

– We came to a point where we were sure that there were no people involved. Thus, we have ended the rescue operation, since it was no longer a matter of saving lives. Now we are talking about car salvage, says Juva.


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