Amazon's Brazilian deforestation Rose on the Watch Bolsonaro


RIO DE JANEIRO – lost Amazon rainforest in Brazil area about 12 times in New York City size from August 2018 through July of this year, according to government data released on Monday, showing that deforestation in the biome has grown considerably since President Jair Bolsonaro elected.

The 3,769 square miles of forest cover were lost during this period equal a 30 per cent increase on the previous year and the highest net loss since 2008.

The new deforestation figures, released by the Brazilian National Space Research Institute, provide the most obvious evidence to date that the deforestation in the Amazon is a very strong trend for Mr Bolsonaro's surveillance.

Mr Bolsonaro, who has long argued that conservation policies have been economic development, argued that he was disappointed with the environmental measures that reduced the Amazon deforestation rate between 2004 and 2012. His government has t weakening the enforcement of environmental laws by reducing funding and personnel at key government agencies, and inhibiting efforts to combat illegal logging, mining and fitting.

But the Bolsonaro administration continued to weaken the agencies charged with enforcing environmental laws and regulations. And it maintains that industries such as mining and agriculture should have wider access to protected lands, including indigenous reserves.

Minister for the environment, t Ricardo Salles, Monday said that the rise in deforestation was well underway before Mr Bolsonaro's government came to power in January.

He also said that the “illegal economy” in the Amazon, where illegal logging and mining, is at fault. “We need strategies to do that,” Mr Salles said presentation to journalists. It did not set out a detailed plan to combat the trend.

Experts say that irreversible damage to the Amazon leads to the damage occurring in some states in Brazil. Often called “lungs” of the forest of the forest because of its huge capacity to release oxygen and store carbon dioxide, a major cause of global warming. Some experts fear that so much forest will be lost that the area will become savanna, which cannot store as much carbon.

“We must remember that deforestation has been done on the Amazon for years,” Oyvind Eggen, general secretary of Rainforest Foundation in Norway, said in a statement. “We are approaching a potential dumping point, where large parts of the forest will be so big that it will fall.”

Gilberto Câmara, the Group's secretarial director of Earth Observations, a government coalition and researchers who share and analyze data to shape public policy, said the mass destruction of the Amazon is doing huge damage to images and economic prospects. Brazilian.

“Foreign investors have decided to bring resources to Brazil more dependent on compliance and rules on sustainability,” said Mr Câmara, a former director of the National Institute of Space Research, a Brazilian agency that tracks deforestation. by studying satellite images.


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