American presidential election: a first democrat throws in the towel


Washington – Eric Swalwell, a Democrat White House candidate who challenged favorite Joe Biden to call the younger generation, announced on Monday that he would not run for his US presidential nomination of 2020.

Elected from the 38-year-old House of Representatives, Eric Swalwell is the first to throw in the towel, after the first months of campaign, among the twenty or so suitors at the White House.

"Today marks the end of our presidential campaign"he said in California, a state he has represented in the House since 2013, announcing that he had finally decided to run for re-election in Congress.

Eric Swalwell had not taken off in polls, where he was close to zero, since entering the campaign on April 8 with a message focused on fighting gun violence.

The parliamentarian, however, was recently able to get his talk during the first Democratic debates, calling the favorite in polls for the investiture party, Joe Biden, 76, to "pass the witness"to a new generation.

Former Vice President Barack Obama paid tribute to him after the announcement of his withdrawal.

"He led a passionate campaign and I congratulate him for drawing more attention to the urgent need to reform"The laws governing firearms in the United States," tweeted Joe Biden.

After Swalwell leaves, there are still 23 candidates – a record number – for the Democratic nomination to wear the party's colors against Republican Donald Trump in the November 2020 presidential election.

– Harris in second place –

The first Democratic debates, on June 26 and 27, rebuffed the cards among the five favorites in the polls.

If the centrist Joe Biden remains in the lead (26% according to RealClear Politics), it fell sharply after being targeted by critics of his opponents, the black Senator Kamala Harris in mind.

The latter climbed to second place (15.2%) after having harshly criticized her past positions on racial segregation.

Socialist Bernie Sanders is third (14%), followed by Progressive Elizabeth Warren (13.8%) and further behind moderate candidate Pete Buttigieg (5.2%).

This ranking order does not reflect the level of amounts raised by the top five candidates in the second quarter.

The young mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg received the most funding between April and June, with $ 24.8 million, followed by former Vice President Joe Biden (21.5%). million).

Progressive Senator Elizabeth Warren comes in third place with $ 19.1 million, a noticeable amount since, unlike MM. Buttigieg and Biden, she refused to organize fundraising galas with major donors.

She did better than independent Senator Bernie Sanders ($ 18 million), who is largely focused on the same electorate as Ms. Warren.

Kamala Harris completes this top 5 Democratic nomination, with $ 12 million between April and June.

Opposite, President Donald Trump and the Republican Party announced they raised $ 105 million in the second quarter.

The first vote of the Democratic primary will take place in the small state of Iowa on February 3, 2020.


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