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America’s Cup: at the start of race 9, Luna Rossa – Sport gets off to a good start

The New Zealand team won race 9 at the end of an exciting contest, and went 6-3 against Luna Rossa in the America’s Cup final. New Zealand is now one step away from America’s Cup triumph. If he manages to win the next round, the trophy is his. Luna Rossa had started very well, with a very aggressive race conduct, the two boats were paired up to the fifth gate, then Te Rehutai took over and completed the result. “We are proud of what we have done. We have not managed to grasp every wind shift, but we are already thinking about the next one. We continue to fight, but we do not give up, we are waiting for the next regatta” commented Luna Rossa helmsman Francesco Bruni. “We fought a lot, we did very well, we overlapped them so they couldn’t jibe, we managed to reach the mark in a very tight corner. For us it was a wonderful race, I have no regrets or reproaches for myself. We will continue to be aggressive. , elbow push “. “We did a great job, never giving up,” said Peter Burling, helmsman of the New Zealanders. We went close to the boundaries. Nice to go to Camp C, we came back here and we loved it. Communication in a tactical race like this is fundamental, we checked the other boat. We have to continue to learn from each race, we are missing one point: we will fight until it is necessary to bring the trophy home. It was a battle. the many fans who are here “.

The wind picked up and finally Luna Rossa and Te Rehutai left for their ninth challenge in this America’s Cup final. Luna Rossa starts well.
Even today thousands of spectators frame the battle at sea between the two boats. The regattas take place on race course C, the closest to the coast. In the Hauraki Gulf, hundreds of boats of all kinds surround the competition area to closely watch the race.
The New Zealand team has the chance to win the trophy, winning both races and taking the 7-3 on the Prada Pirelli team boat.

The start of race 9 has been postponed by 15 minutes, on the sixth day of racing in the America’s Cup final between Luna Rossa and Te Rehutai, in corso mare di Auckland (New Zealand). There is little wind, around 6 knots and you have to wait for it to rise to at least 6.5 knots, for 5 consecutive minutes. Even today, except for weather whims, two races are scheduled, race 9 and race 10. The best of 13 races is achieved: the first one who wins seven wins the cup.