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Among Us comes to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in a community mod | SPORTS-PLAY

is the new hot game and the community wants this game to have more presence in other games. Of course, it is almost impossible for Nintendo to consider this game to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but the community continues to dream.

Thanks to a mod it is possible to add the Among Us dolls in the most popular fighting game from Nintendo. How do you think these characters would fight? Do you think they would have the murder animations?

The way you can add these characters is to change the modeling of Pac-Man. For this reason, the fighter will have the entire set of Pac-Man abilities, including the ghosts are the characters of Among Us.

YouTube user 64iOS not only shares images of this mod, but also shows how the playability of this new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character is. One of the details that are highly polished is the colors of each imposter.

Among Us had no impostors in 2018 but infected

The coronavirus lockdown forced several entertainment industries to stop. In the case of video games, several of them have become especially popular and have added millions of dollars in sales. It is one of them.

The Innersloth game became especially popular in the confinement of the coronavirus. However, in 2018 this game had already been launched on Android, iOS and PC mobiles.

Do you want to see what the game was like two years ago? Well, we warn you that the version that you normally play with your friends is totally different from the original idea of ​​the developers.

As can be seen in the following videos, the company had not created as many rooms or tasks to complete on the ship. At the same time, it was initially proposed that murderers be infected, not impostors.

Would you have liked the game to remain in its original form? The developers announced a few weeks ago that the Among Us 2 project was being canceled because they will focus on updates for the first installment.

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