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and Ryanair launches six new routes

Six new Ryanair routes with two weekly flights for each, to and from the “Guglielmo Marconi” airport. They will be Stockholm, Nuremberg, Santiago de Compostela, Zaragoza, Agadir and Fez, as announced at a press conference by the CEO of the airline Eddie Wilson.

“We have launched a special offer, with fares starting from 19.99 euros for travel on all winter routes – which are 63 to Bologna, with over 290 weekly flights – until the end of March 2022, bookable until Saturday”, lets know.

The managing director of ‘Marconi’, Nazareno Ventola, was also satisfied with the strengthening of the partnership with the company, according to whom this new investment by Ryanair “represents tangible proof of the attractiveness of our airport and its catchment area, even if in a complex phase for the sector “. For this reason, he stresses “at this stage it is essential to ‘trust’ the market by continuing to invest”. On this point, Wilson reiterates what his company has already said in recent months, namely that “we have already invested eight billion dollars in Italy, and we are willing to invest another four if the municipal surcharge is removed, which is a disincentive to investments “.

Summer, data on the rise

“Summer plays a rather anomalous, important role, it is the high season par excellence, so July and August are going very well, and domestic passengers are growing a lot, even compared to 2019, testifying to the fact that even short-haul flights were chosen over the motorway trip “. The president of Bologna Marconi airport, Enrico Postacchini, is satisfied. Speaking with reporters on the sidelines of the press conference for the presentation of the ‘Aviation event’ conference, which will be held tomorrow in the city, Postacchini explains that “despite the highways being clogged up on peak days, also to reach the South, and the islands in particular , there has been a strong increase “.

Marconi Airport: passengers on domestic flights above pre-pandemic levels in July

Unfortunately, he adds, “the international and intercontinental scheduled traffic is still slow, which was a bit of the growth prospect of this airport and was the one that represented the greatest satisfaction in recent years”. However, he concludes, “today low cost flights and short reachable destinations are certainly a great prospect”.

“Still no financial support”

“To date the airport companies, even if they have been included on paper for possible support hypotheses, have not yet received any type of support, unlike other types of companies, smaller or larger in our country. So the difficulty is linked to sustainability, not only as an environmental challenge in perspective, but also as sustainability of the economic accounts of companies “, points out the president Postacchini” the difficulty is the same that all airport concessionary companies in the world encounter in this period of pandemic, not it is a problem only of Bologna or only of Europe “. Today, he adds, “Europe is questioning itself in this symposium, but the problem is common to all and concerns the airlines, which in some cases are flag carriers supported by the home states, but also the airport companies, which online in principle, they are private or public-private companies which therefore, like any business, in any case need support from the European government above all, not only linked to investments but precisely at the moment of emergency “. (to say)

Airport, at Marconi 150 minutes before the flight to avoid crowds


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