Angela Merkel breaks the protocol and receives the Danish Prime Minister sitting down to avoid an earthquake


The German Chancellor,Angela Merkel, has broken this Thursday the usual protocol to participate sitting at the official reception held in honor of the Danish Prime Minister,Mette Frederiksen, in the city of Berlin.

Both have heard the interpretation of the national anthems of their respective countries sitting in chairs placed on a small podium in front of the orchestra.

Merkel has not suffered any tremor this timeand she has kept her hands on her lap while she has been sitting. Next, he walked with Frederiksen in front of the soldiers.

TheGerman Chancellor suffered another episode of earthquakes on Wednesday, the third in less than a month, during a reception ceremony to the Finnish prime minister, Antti Rinne. "There is nothing to worry about, I am firmly convinced that I can perform well," she said at a press conference.

Merkel responded cautiously to the question of whether public opinion had the right to know how her health was after the third earthquake in as many weeks.

"I think I have made the pertinent comments, and I think that my statement that I am well should be accepted, I also believe that as it came, one day it will pass, but that moment has not yet come," he simply said. For the momentIt has not transpired if the chancellor has been receiving some kind of medical treatment.

The chancellor announced that she would keep her commitments.This Sunday, invited by the French president, Emmanuel Macron, has planned to attend the traditional military parade that takes place in Paris during the French national holiday, in commemoration of the taking of the Bastille.


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