Angling begins in Queen 's Day. Recount, Remembering Intrigue Florida in 2000


It was a scene just out of South Florida, around the 2000 Election, and there were no hanging hooks or butterfly ballots to look out for.

With a manual recount of approximately 91,000 votes cast in a Democratic primary school for a district attorney post in New York City just starting Monday, it did not take long for the first conflict: a stray mark came out on a ballot.

A crowd gathered immediately. Both the main candidates, Melinda Katz and Tiffany Cabán, were accompanied by solicitors, along with officials from the Electoral Board. Polling worker held ballot ballot, as eyes came in.

Was the mark an accidental stroke? Or your one trip? If the latter were to be announced, the vote, which was cast for Ms. Caban – restricting Ms. Katz but only 16 votes – to be invalid.

The competition has local and national implications for the Queen's district attorney. It is seen as a measure of the willingness of Democratic voters to mitigate the tough crime policies signed by this class borough for a long time, and to follow a sample of places such as Boston and Philadelphia, where justice reformists have excelled. criminal prosecutor's positions.

The election was also another test of the power of progression to take control of the Democratic Party.

Joseph Crowley, the one-powerful Democracy was lost in Last year she applied for the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Representative.

Ms Cabán, 31, a former public defendant, drew support from Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, which encouraged small subscribers around the country to contribute to Ms Cabán's campaign.

Local Democrats and Minister Andrew M. Cuomo supported Ms Katz, 53, the Queen's borough president, and collected endorsements and money from major labor unions.

Among all those things, the manual recount began shortly after 10 in Monday, in a fluorescent lighting room deep inside a semi-empty retail colossus in Middle Village, Queens.

The Board of Elections divided themselves into four tables groups, each representing Democracy and Republicans, and a volunteer from each campaign. Lawyers for both campaigns were also available for the inevitable disputes.

At one board, election staff had difficulties with pronunciation of Ms Cabán's name. In the main, however, democracy appeared to be turning, under the auspices of abandoned Kmart and Toys “R” Us. Votes were being recounted. The will and suspicion were mostly kept under check.

In a year when politicians have influenced global cabineting with elections, this recount was definitely high tech, with marks made by the election workers with hand-written red hash marks.

Finally, the chief clerk affirmed the ballot with the mark on the road, against protests from the Cabán campaign. Another ballot, cast for Ms Katz, was later invalidated. Quickly created manila folders for “ballots that were challenged” by later workers.

Challenges increased somewhat in the afternoon, but lawyers said that some of the maneuvers to preserve these ballots were for possible appeals.

Any disputes the two campaigns cannot be resolved go to Judge John G. Ingram, who was temporarily introduced from Brooklyn to keep the process independent from the Queen's Democratic Party.

The party is now run by Representative Gregory Meeks, who supported Ms Katz, and suggested that there were certain parts of Ms.. Cabin's criminal justice platform is too long.

The recount will include more than 350 ballots that did not register a vote for the district solicitor, although they were recorded as submitted to the voting machines. The voter could be improperly filled in the oval detailing his choice or preference, or he may vote in other races on the ballot but not in the case of an area attorney.

The number was not included the affidavit or absentee ballots previously disqualified.


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