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Another four-eyed Skoda. The rejuvenated Karoq got new lights and a greener interior

Four years after the premiere of the original version, Škoda introduced the modernized Karoq SUV. The compact model with its external appearance approached the new Octavia or Fabia, more thought was also given to aerodynamics. And although the car is powered only by gasoline or diesel, the new Karoq is greener than ever.

The most visible hallmark of the rejuvenated Škoda Karoq is its refined appearance. The headlights are now narrower and follow the wider radiator grille. The bumper has also been redesigned, on the sides of which there are air curtains directing the flow of air. Overall, the front of the car should look more powerful, according to Škoda chief designer Oliver Stefani.

The main lights are not only narrower, but also give Karoq “four-eye” graphics. No, Škoda did not return to the split headlights of the third Octavia, but in the top version the compact SUV will offer for the first time matrix LED lights with permanent high beam and split LED modules for low and high beams placed one above the other. However, it is a function reserved only for the most expensive LED lights. Standard LED lighting still has “only” fog lights in the lower lights. And one more change – the day bar is newly divided, which makes Karoq optically different from other models of the brand.

Moving backwards, perhaps the most significant change is the new shape of the group lamps. He no longer visually forms the letter C, although he still wears it in a light signature. But the new Fabia or Octavia are similar, they also include animated turn signals. Aerodynamics were also taken into account at the rear, so the Karoq got a longer rear spoiler or a new bumper shape with a diffuser.

There will also be cast 17- and 19-inch wheels with aerodynamic covers, or 18-inch discs with an aerodynamic shape. Another novelty is the aerodynamic fuel tank covers in the 4 × 4 version. Overall, the rejuvenated Karoq boasts an air resistance coefficient of cx of 0.30, which is one of the best values ​​in its class. The body color palette is complemented by orange Phoenix and gray Graphite.

Greener is the new Karoq in the cabin. Not that the customer could choose upholstery with this shade, but the covers can be made from an ecological fabric, using vegan, partially recycled and recyclable materials. Eight-inch digital alarm clocks will become standard over the next year, which can be optionally replaced with a 10.25-inch display and five display modes. On the center panel, it will be possible to replace the eight-inch touch screen with a system with a 9.2-inch display and navigation.

An optional extra from the Style level is the electrically operated passenger seat with memory. On the contrary, the permanent equipment is a system of sliding and removable separate VarioFlex rear seats. The luggage compartment with them has 479-588 to 1605 liters (standard 521 to 1630 liters), after removing from the car even 1810 liters.

Karoq received engines from the cleaner Evo series, which has lower CO2 and NOx emissions last autumn. No significant changes took place under the hood. The basis is a liter three-cylinder with an output of 81 kW, followed by a four-cylinder 1.5 TSI with an output of 110 kW and a turbodiesel 2.0 TDI with 85 or 110 kW. Engines with an output of 85 kW and higher have an optional dual-clutch DSG, the stronger of the turbodiesel adds all-wheel drive as standard.

Exclusively for the Sportline version, there is a 140kW two-liter petrol engine with a two-clutch automatic and all-wheel drive, which complements the 110kW TSI and TDI in the sports-tuned model. Visually, you will recognize this version by the black details of the body and interior, 18- or 19-inch wheels with aerodynamic covers, standard nut headlights or sports seats and steering wheel. An adaptive chassis is part of the car’s standard equipment.

The news will be in the composition of the equipment levels. The press release states that Karoq will be available in Ambition, Style, Style Exclusive, Sportline and Sportline Exclusive. Both variants of Exclusive have been missing in the Czech price list so far, on the contrary, the basic version of Active has disappeared. However, the carmaker does not yet mention exactly what the individual stages will offer. In any case, the surcharges will include a package of driving assistance systems, including blind spot monitoring, adaptive lane guidance that detects roadworks, or a panoramic camera system.


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