"Another Tiananmen" in Hong Kong would hurt trade deal, says Trump


The President of the United States has again expressed his wish that the crisis in the territory has a peaceful outcome.

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US President Donald Trump issued a warning to China on Sunday (August 18th), asserting that a crackdown on Hong Kong protests similar to the Tiananmen Square revolt would hurt talks on a Sino-US trade deal.

"I think it would be very difficult to reach an agreement if they exercise violence, (…) if it's another Tiananmen Square"Trump told reporters in New Jersey as hundreds of thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators marched again Sunday in Hong Kong. "I think it would be very difficult to do if there was violence", he added.

Two months of events

The demonstrations have followed in Hong Kong for more than two months and China has recently raised the tone, making some fear a repression like that of 1989, when tanks had made hundreds or even thousands of deaths by crushing a revolt led by students.

If such a situation was repeated in Hong Kong, "I think there would be a huge political feeling" which would bring "Do nothing" in the area of ​​trade negotiations with China, said Mr Trump.

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Wish for a peaceful outcome

The President of the United States has again expressed his wish that the Hong Kong crisis has a peaceful outcome. "I would love to see that solved in a humane way", he said, calling on Chinese President Xi Jinping to negotiate with the protesters.

Trump made the statement as his chief economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, said on Sunday morning that Washington and Beijing are actively trying to get negotiations back on track to end the trade war between them and shake the markets.

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