Antonio Brown was released by the New Patriots of England among an NFL investigation


New England Patriots issued a wide receiver Antonio Brown Friday among an NFL investigation into allegations of rape and sexual assault against one woman and allegations that he sent threatening text messages to another woman who had been improperly behaved. for it.

“We are grateful for the hard work of many people over the past 11 days, but we feel that another direction is better at this time,” the staff said in a statement.

Brown will become a free agent but his signed expectations with another team are complicated by the possibility that the administrative leave league could be paid by placement on his commissioner's exempt list. If he is placed on the list, Brown would be paid his salary but he would be ineligible to participate in practices or attend games.

Brown responded to the move on social media, thank and the Patriots writing, "The marathon continues."

The move made by Friday Patriots was the latest adventure in a saga that interrupted the NFL's celebration of its 100th season and contributed to franchise operations on both coastlines, recently the ones that were at the Super Champions Bowl. Brown gave his views and complaints regularly to social media, fighting with the NFL because of his desire to use a helmet not to the safety standards of the league and meeting the General Manager of Oakland Raiders, Mike Mayock, and his job from Oakland as he arrives New England earlier this month. Over the past two weeks, allegations of improper and disruptive behavior towards women have been made, although they have not been charged with criminal charges.

The Patriots had deferred to the previous league investigation but took action on Friday after a report in Sports Illustrated on Thursday night about the text messages Brown had conveyed. Brown played in one game for the Patriots. He did not play one game for the Raiders, who got it in season trade with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bill Belichick, Coach Patriots, said earlier Friday at his regular media meeting in syndrome, Mass., That the staff were “looking into” the story.

“I know there are questions about Antonio,” Belichick said. “We are very serious about all the cases with our staff. There are a number of things we are doing. I will not mention any of the cases outside the field. ”

For the second time since last week, Belichick shortened news conference about questioning about Brown.

The New England Patriots released a wide receiver Antonio Brown. (Lynne Sladky)

Brown was not charged. But a former college colleague who worked for Brown as a trainer, Britney Taylor, Brown was accused in law of rape and sexual assault in Florida in three separate incidents in 2017 and 2018. The Brown denied the allegations by his attorney, who said Brown considers the procedure as “money in money.”

Taylor met with NFL representatives for 10 hours on Monday as part of the league investigation.

Another woman said she had caused Brown, through her attorney, to send her threatening text messages on Wednesday night.

A woman in Sports Illustrated in a previous report said that Brown had hired her in 2017 to paint a mural in her house but that she contacted her when she did not ignore her unwanted sexual progress. Following this initial report, according to Sports Illustrated, the woman received a group text on Wednesday night which came from the Brown number she had previously provided, claiming that she had made her account of the alleged incident 2017. a text chain of both her and her children's photographs and the woman was characterized by the report.

The NFL's personal transport policy specifically prohibits “stalking, harassment, or similar forms of intimidation.” T

While Brown does not have criminal charges, the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has the power to impose a player's personal transport policy on paid leave if he believes that following an investigation a player may breach the policy. NFL officials said that their investigation began after a report on the law being filed was reported on September 10.

If Brown were placed on the commissioner's exempt list, Goodell would decide when it would be removed. The list is designed to keep a player out of the field until the series decides whether to control it under the transport policy, generally with unpaid suspension.

Brown could appeal his placement on the list exempted through the NFL Players Association. However, Goodell would resolve the appeal, which has wide authority to control players under the personal transport policy. The NFLPA's efforts to challenge that authority in court have largely failed. In addition, an arbitrator upheld the use of the reading league for paid leave for players after filing complaints.

Brown only made the appearance of the Patrons last Sunday at Miami. He had four catches for 56 yards and a troubled town.

Brown agreed to a 7-year contract with September Patriots, sometimes after the Raiders were releasing it.

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