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Apeel Sciences gives skin & skin; additional to production, it hopes to reduce waste



Apeel Sciences, Santa Barbara, California-based company developed a way to make products longer.
Apeel Courtesy Sciences

Tired of wear spoiled products?

The Apeel Sciences states that it has tackled the problem and developed a technology that can double the third shelf life of many product types, including avocados.

Chief Executive Apeel James Rogers, who founded the company based in Santa Barbara in 2012, said that Apeel-derived technology offers additional “skin” which reduces the rate of water loss and oxidation, the leading cause of destruction.

“We use food to conserve food,” said Rogers about the edible envelope that is applied. "You can't see it, you can't taste it, you can't detect it, but through the combination of plant materials we use to control these formulas precisely, we can charge the rate the age of the fruit. ”

Avocados that will last longer than Apeel will soon be available in more than 1,100 Kroger stores.

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Apeel early Kroger will sell avocados in all of its stores. (Photo: Apeel Sciences) t

On Wednesday, Apeel and the Cincinnati-based grocery announced the expansion of its Midoc avocado pilot at 109 stores to roll off the coast. Additional shops will be added as more Kroger providers provide Apeel application systems.

They also announced the piloting of Apeel and asphalt pipes in Cincinnati places.

Frank Romero, vice president of Kroger's product, said in a statement that this milestone is in Zero Hunger's retailer | A zero waste Plan, which aims to eradicate waste throughout the company by 2025 and eliminate hunger in their communities.

According to Kroger, 40% of the food produced is consumed in the United States and households consume more than $ 1,300 in unused food per year. Approximately 160 billion pounds of food set aside in landfill is completed each year, according to the Harvard Law Law Clinic and Food Policy.

“Apeel's innovative food-based solution created the life of perishable products, reducing food waste in transport, in our retail stores and in our customers' homes,” said Romero.

Walter Robb, former Chief Executive of Whole Food Market and a member of the board of directors of Apeel, said, “the company is“ a tremendous breach of food waste ”by using food to conserve food.

“As a fresh grocer for over 40 years, I can truly say that I have never seen anything like Apeel, and I believe it has the potential to play a global influence on the food system,” said Robb in a statement with these United States, Monday.

Apeel is working with additional retailers to expand and add more fruits and vegetables into its mix including berries and tomatoes, Rogers said.

“I believe that in the future you will be able to walk into a grocery store and that some of the Apeel product will be and you will be shopping for them in the same way that we shop for an organism today,” he said.

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