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Apex Legends: Origin – Seer’s Skills in New Video • Nintendo Connect

With its release on August 3, it will lead Apex Legends: Origin Ranked Arenas, new rotating arena maps, the new Rampage LMG and Edge of the World on the Edge of the Abyss and is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC via Origin and Steam .

Since birth, Obi Edolasim was considered cursed and an outsider. His family alone believed in his unique potential and made him first an artist and now a legend. Using his micro-drones, this master of the ambush recognizes possibilities that other legends overlook and uses them in the most beautiful way possible.

The new trailer with a view of Seer’s destruction and abilities can be found here:

On August 3rd, Seer intervenes as the 18th legend in the games. This means that the character roster, which originally consisted of eight legends, has more than doubled. The champion of all outcasts uses his unique abilities to stalk his opponents like a graceful predator:

  • Passive: Heart Seeker – The end of the game can hear and visualize opponents within a radius of up to 75 meters when they are targeted.
  • Tactical: center of interest – Sends micro-drones that create a delayed blast wave that penetrates walls and disrupts and reveals enemies.
  • Ultimate: revelation – Creates a sphere of micro-drones that show the position of enemies moving quickly or firing their weapons in the area of ​​effect.


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