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Apple will add a ‘macro’ button to the camera ‘app’ of its iPhone 13 Pro, why? | Lifestyle

It is one of those functions that many users of the new iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max do not know they have, unless they have read in depth all the changes that the new devices bring. And is that there is no trace of her in the camera interface. It’s about the extraordinary macro that allows us to take images of an astonishing sharpness even being a few millimeters away from any object.

This camera mode, unlike portrait, or cinematic video, does not have a control as such and is activated automatically when bringing the phone closer to the object we want to capture. Of course, with iOS 15.1 Apple already took a small turn by allowing us to deactivate that automatic macro mode and leaving it in our hands to use it only when we decide to do so.

More news is coming with iOS 15.2

Thus, it seems that this change in the previous update has not been enough and those from Cupertino will go a step further, adding a button directly in the camera application of the phone, which will be visible when we use the normal photography mode. And as it appears in the screenshot that you can see just below, you will have at hand a new button macro with that characteristic flower inside a circle that will be dyed yellow.

New ‘macro’ indicator on iPhones.

In this way, Apple adopts the operating mode of virtually all cameras that have a focus macro and it allows us to activate it or not depending on each situation. Especially because when we wanted to take a photo with the foreground very close and out of focus, leaving the background farthest away sharp, it became especially difficult to achieve (by system, the camera tended to use the macro).

This button will not be visible when the phone does not detect an object near the camera lens so it will be smart. That is, it will only be available when the iPhone 13 Pro detects that the circumstances exist to get a snapshot with effect macro. Something that will help users to know precisely the exact moment in which this photographic mode can work its magic. If you are one of those who this mode macro It caused some problems when using it or knowing its possibilities, from the moment Apple releases iOS 15.2 they will have it a little more at hand and without the complications of having to navigate through menus within the photography application.


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