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Arcos Dorados has invested US $ 10 million in Colombia in the last three years

After two years the wait is over. Golden arches carried out the reopening of its flagship restaurant in Parque de la 93 in Bogotá. It is a more modern place due to its architectural design, its digital experience and with more characteristics of environmental sustainability.

The store has all the brand’s segments such as McDelivery, AutoMac, dessert center, McCafé and children’s play area, which translates into 50% more capacity to serve customers.

“This is a flagship restaurant for our company and a benchmark for how, through the company’s Recipe for the Future, we want to be part of the solution to the most urgent challenges of our society. We are proud to present this gift to Bogotá, as well as the possibility of employing 100 young residents of the Colombian capital, “said Woods Staton, executive chairman of Arcos Dorados.

This last aspect is key for the brand, since today it employs 3,900 people in the country, mainly young people without work experience, the first job being 70% of them.

Additionally, this local It became number 74 in the country, completing the brand’s investment of more than US $ 10 million in Colombia over the last three years.

“We are a company that maintains its vision in the long term, and although it was a difficult time due to the arrival of the pandemic, we decided to make the largest investment we have made in 26 years, so we expect to receive more than a million diners a year in this restaurant ”, assured Héctor Orozco, general director of the company for the Colombian market.

He added that the company is committed to leading the innovation and technology race, since in Latin America they have more than 50 million users on their mobile application. He highlighted, for example, that in 2020, the digital package represented 37% of total sales in at least 20 markets, therefore, the goal is to continue growing in this aspect and strengthen it in the proposal of this restaurant.

“The new store will have all the experience of the Eotf restaurants, or Experience of the Future, with digital kiosks to place orders and a better experience facilitated by technology,” said Orozco.

Finally, the Secretary of Economic Development, Carolina Durán, highlighted the importance of this project for the economic reactivation of Bogotá.

“The recovery is advancing and it is a fact, even, it is doing so at a higher rate than many expected. And it does so thanks to resilient and visionary entrepreneurs like those of Arcos Dorados who continue to invest and believe in the city and the country even in difficult circumstances. To consolidate this reactivation we have to continue working in a coordinated manner and everyone’s contribution is required. In addition, it exemplifies all the aspects in which we must work: formal employment for young people, sustainability, climate change, circular economy, diversity and inclusion ”.

Arcos Dorados spokespersons highlighted that 65% of the ingredients used by the brand in its restaurants are local.

Working against single-use plastic

The Arcos Dorados Social Impact and Sustainable Development report shows that the company’s fight to eliminate single-use plastics began three years ago, and that it has reduced the use of the material in its operation by 40%, an equivalent to 1,468 tons last year.

This was made possible by the elimination of plastic straws and caps from cold drinks served in restaurants, as well as the replacement of salad bowls with others that are made with 100% biodegradable fiber or cardboard.


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