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Argentina signed an agreement with Pfizer to buy 20 million vaccines from it

The Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, announced this morning that yesterday she signed a “binding agreement” with the Pfizer laboratory for the provision of 20 million doses of vaccines against the coronavirus. “As a result of months of work, yesterday I signed the binding agreement with the Pfizer laboratory for 20 million doses during 2021. The final agreement remains in relation to logistics issues and from there define the delivery and reception time,” said Vizzotti at the wheel of press in Government House.

In this context, he also announced that yesterday the payment of the first 200 thousand doses of the Cansino vaccine was signed as part of the contract of 5.4 million for 2021.

Amid the complaints about the delay in the second doses, the official confirmed that “all vaccination schedules” against the coronavirus will be completed and specified that at the meeting of the Federal Health Council (Cofesa) that is held today in the Palace San Martín will analyze the strategy to follow in this regard.

“I want to clarify again that the vaccination schedules are not restarted, the effect of the first dose is not lost,” Vizzotti said at the press conference and confirmed that the government is “working to complete all vaccination schedules.”

When speaking to the press, the head of the Health portfolio stressed that Argentina is “almost reaching 42 million doses” of coronavirus vaccines received and specified that “90 percent is already distributed.”

Vizzotti reported that at today’s meeting of the Federal Health Council “the final strategy” of vaccination for adolescents with comorbidities will be evaluated, for which the 3.5 million doses of Moderna donated by the United States will be allocated, which ” they have been reserved “for that purpose.

Finally, Vizzotti clarified that the Government has “no conflict with the Russian Federation” over the supply of vaccines against the coronavirus and stressed that that country “prioritizes Argentina, even with the second component” of Sputnik V. “No is that (Russia) has and does not distribute them, “said the official and clarified that Argentina” demands compliance with contracts with all laboratories, “which makes the country” among the 20 that have received the most vaccines “in all the world.


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