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“Art for cinema” campaign – artists help cinemas in the Corona emergency

At “Art for Cinema” works of art are auctioned to help arthouse cinemas in Halle. The relief operation was initiated by Sven Sandow and Dirk Braungardt, who actually work as stage masters and side masters at the Halle Opera. The auction started at the beginning of February and should last at least four weeks. Works of art, works, parts of stage sets from the opera house or a private piano concert in the Thalia department store on Halle’s market square are on offer.

The cinemas have been closed again for weeks due to the corona. The info box in front of the Puschkino in Halle is also empty and dirty, the notices out of date. Cinema owner Torsten Raab now and then sits down with a friend in one of his two cinema halls to watch a DVD together. When his cinema can reopen is in the stars. There are institutions and people who are harder hit than him, says Raab. Nevertheless, he is happy about the “Art for the Cinema” campaign.

Support friends

Auction co-initiator Sandow says of his very personal motivation: “I’ve been friends with Torsten Raab for 40 years. We went to school together. And I watched his career all by himself (or at that time together with Wolfgang Burkart from the Luchskino ) has set up the two cinemas. I am honored that I can always go there now. And I am always happy when I see him and we can talk about films. He has a very good education when it comes to films. It’s fun to find out everything. And, that’s also very important: There is no popcorn. “

No kids chewing popcorns, Sandow likes that. The Pushkino is like your second living room, a place that you don’t want to miss, which is now part of your city. Sandow likes the personal connection where you can ask for a movie. He has already used it several times and put “The Barber of Siberia” on the game board, for example.

Personal closeness to people is nice when you can help yourself. And they are friends of ours and you have to support them at a time when things are going really badly, like now. They would do the same for us, of course.

Sven Sandow, co-initiator of the “Art for Cinema” campaign

Artists take part

Sandow’s opera colleague Dirk Braungardt thinks the idea of ​​making an auction for the cinemas is good and takes part in it.

Since then, his cell phone has not stood still, many artists are taking part, says Braungardt: “We have now collected works of art, wrote to many artists and many or most of them have reported themselves. We are currently collecting the works of art.”

The works of art will then be presented in the shop windows of the Thalia bookstore on Halle’s market square, as well as on a website:

At the same time there is a website where you can see what is on offer and where the respective bid is. We try to update it daily so that you can really see when I’ve placed a bid: Am I still the highest bidder or not?

Dirk Braungardt, co-initiator of the “Art for Cinema” campaign

Whether the renowned Graphic designer Helmut Brade, the internationally known ceramist Martin Möhwald or the sculptor Marc Fromm, all want to participate and contribute their art. Stage technician Yaroslava Sydorenko is also there. She too has a very special relationship with Puschkino, the small downtown cinema in Halle: “I am originally from the Ukraine, and when I moved to Halle, around two and a half years ago, I saw a poster at the Pushkino from the film ‘ Donbass’. The film is about all the things that just happened in the East or especially in the Ukraine and are still happening in some cases. And it is a film that is not shown everywhere in Ukraine. The program, what the Being able to offer art house cinemas in Halle is something special. ”


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