At Comic Con, superhero fans respond to critics from Coppola and Scorsese


Two Spider-Man and a Captain America bow down to a statue of Iron Man, between two black alleys of people. Like them, more than 30,000 fans were expected at the Parisian high mass of masked vigilantes. The Grande Halle de la Villette welcomed some 180 exhibitors this weekend. The event celebrated this year 80 years of Marvel and those of Batman. Disguised or not, these enthusiasts who came to Comic Con to attend conferences, book signings and events did not shy away from their pleasure.

In recent days, critics of several major filmmakers could have spoiled the party. For Martin Scorsese, on a promotional tour for his next film The Irisman, the feature films produced by Marvel and DC Comics would be devoid of the slightest emotional subtlety. For his part, Francis Ford Coppola said despise this kind of films. And a few days later, Ken Loach, director of the film Sorry We Missed You released Wednesday 23 October, compared these large productions to "Hamburgers" products to make profit.

The Grande Halle de la Villette welcomed some 180 exhibitors this weekend. Gabrielle Cézard / © Gabrielle Cézard / The Figaro

For fans of cosplay, nothing to give up putting on masks, costumes and colorful make-ups. Comic Con is the ideal playground. As for this large family, who shares this passion for five years. From the grandmother disguised as Poison Ivy to the little girl in Harley Quinn, each person embodies a super-villain from the Batman universe. While accepting the criticism of their favorite movies. "I can understand these reproaches, I am myself shared. But you have to live with your time. We know that cinema is a money machine now, " Kévin confides in his disguise of the Penguin, Tim Burton way. Top hat on the head and false nose pointed on the face, it is not decided to turn away superheroes provided: "As long as it gives the kids a smile, that's all I remember."

"We leave our brains at the entrance and let off steam"

The smile, he did not leave the faces of children, dazzled, in front of the parade Star Wars. "Get away!"shouts a woman in the middle aisle. Straight out of the saga of George Lucas, Chewbacca look-alikes, Anakin Skywalker, Imperial officers and a battalion of Stormtroopers crack the crowd. Han Solo even takes the pose, under the eyes amazed young and old.

Straight out of the saga of George Lucas, the Chewbacca look-alikes, Anakin Skywalker, Imperial officers and a battalion of Stormtroopers delighted young and old alike. Gabrielle Cézard / © Gabrielle Cézard / The Figaro

"When we go to see a movie of superheroes, it's like when we go to Disney", says Sandra, aka Harley Quinn. Would it be right Martin Scorsese, for whom these blockbusters are similar to an amusement park? "It's still an action film, we leave our brains at the entrance, we let off steam"explains Alban, in purple tie and green suit of the Mystery Man. By the admission of their biggest fans, the producers of superhero films would have found the miracle recipe? Not necessarily. Under his green hat, Alban tempers: "There are a lot of independent films that make great hits, and a lot of blockbusters crashing. It's easier to put money but it does not necessarily mean success. "

Immerse yourself in a universe

"What is not made to make money these days?"philosopher Marion, shaking the white pompons of his Harley Quinn beanie. For her who willingly lends herself to the game of selfies with visitors, these feature films are above all «the way to escape, to immerse yourself in the universe for a few hours. And to be inspired for the costumes.

Immersed, Stéphane is completely. Under his red hood, he embodies his character, the facetious Deadpool, renamed "Deadpoule". "I think they saw it was working, so they continue, but they're right to do it. Who does not like profit? "he decrypts. Between two eccentric poses, he explains that he will see all Marvel and DC Comics movies. And he asks for more. "They're right to go head deep in it, and the day people do not answer, it'll be over for them and that's it"he judges simply. In the meantime, he intends to enjoy a little. Many even: with his crazy and provocative dances, he makes children laugh. And seems to be having more fun than them.


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