At LR, the thirties are trying to be heard


Under the aegis of Christian Jacob, the youth of the party met Thursday to stage their autonomy.

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Christian Jacob on June 26th.
Christian Jacob on June 26th. ROMAIN LAFABREGUE / AFP

Former offices of Pôle emploi converted into a multipurpose room, fifty local elected representatives and deputies The Republicans (LR), mostly thirty: Aulnay-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis) hosted Thursday, July 18 a new initiative of refounding the right after the snub of the European elections.

Failing to be the first of its kind – the President of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, began his tour of France to gather beyond the party for municipal and LR held its convention on values ​​- this "Renewal committee" presents itself as the most "Breakdown" at the risk of being the most confidential. "You chose Aulnay-sous-Bois for its popular side. This is not a big word, it's a beautiful word, welcomed the mayor of the third city of the department, Bruno Beschizza, in the introduction of this meeting that dresses social colors modernization of the software of the right.

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Goat and cabbage

At the forefront of the group of young people dubbed by the staff of LR, the member of the Lot Aurélien Pradié, 33 years, household goat and cabbage. "We are here to re-examine reflexes of thought, without exploding what we are"he said in opening discussions on food, disability, housing, not without thanking Gérard Larcher and the chairman of the LR group in the Assembly, Christian Jacob, for their participation in this meeting which reserves no hold of formal speech.

Around the first table, the MP Marine Brenier, the Secretary General of Biocoop stores, Vincent Martin, and the two presidents face each other. "I did food inspection in a previous life, very far away", says former veterinarian Gérard Larcher, before detailing his lines of thought. A warm-up before his move to Normandy in the afternoon, at the centrist Hervé Morin.

Former agricultural unionist Christian Jacob takes over. The Chiraquian is especially campaigning for the presidency of LR and does not hesitate to compare his hosts to the group of ten young people (including him) who made the victory of Jacques Chirac's campaign in 1995: "It's about the same ages"he notes in the corridors. "I am delighted to have this team of thirty, they bring a freshness"he said before a warning: "It's not because they are young that they will have everything. "

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Abandoning food to Gerard Larcher, he joined the discussions on disability and moved on to housing. A "El Patron! " fuse as he enters the room. Without intervening on the substance, he puts the elected representatives in agreement "It's common sense near home! " before having lunch at photos with some local executives.

After two hours of discussion, the facilitators draw proposals sometimes far from the DNA of the right: release of phytosanitary products within ten years, free school canteens, promotion of new models of ownership. "The disrupter has changed sides," congratulates Aurélien Pradié, who promises to"At least the idea that this generation has something to say in the reconstruction of the party".

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