Atlanta could set the best heat record 100 years ago


Atlanta temperatures are at risk of breaking records every week, and there will be no difference between Thursday.

The numbers only dropped 100 records on Monday, they broke the record at 98 on Tuesday and tied the record at 96 on Wednesday. The projected Thursday high is 97 degrees, again breaking the record of 94, according to Channel 2 Action News.

If he did, this would make the 12th September the hottest record in more than 100 years. 1900 was the last time Atlanta saw this kind of heat.

“It will be extremely hot, a hot record again today in North Georgia,” said Channel 2 meteorologist Brian Monahan.

Atlanta is already hot with a boot temperature of 76 degrees. Under many sunlight and dry conditions mostly, these temps quickly take Thursday, Monahan said.

“The concrete, the pavement, the larger buildings in the metro keep that heat overnight, so it's much warmer when you enter I-285 to start the day,” he said.

Monahan said that there are some atmospheric conditions coming into the heat, including a high pressure area running at the show. Friday is also in danger.

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“Today, through tomorrow, until Saturday, continues to show this strong and strong push,” he said. “This means very hot temperatures across North Georgia.” T

At this time of year, temperatures should average 84 degrees. Atlanta is likely to exceed that number at mid-morning, according to Channel 2.

By midday, it is estimated that heat indexes will build into triple digits for much of North Georgia.

“If we push a shower out, it will be in the mountains of the north-east in Georgia, otherwise through tonight, mostly clear and quiet,” said Monahan. “Tomorrow morning, we start hot and dry. There will be another hot Friday over North Georgia. ”

Temperatures are coming down in the end, he said. A tropical wave has the potential over eastern Cuba morning to bring rain into North Georgia and help reduce heat.

The wave of storms has two possible tracks, one that enters the Gulf of Mexico and another sail along the east coast of Florida.

“You need a break in the heat? You must be the basis for this to the Gulf of Mexico, ”said Monahan.

By Sunday, Atlanta metro should break its 90-degree streak, according to Channel 2. The projected grade is 89 degrees.

“That's when we start looking at that tropical wave that has the capacity to bring us more clouds and cooler temperatures next week,” said Monahan.

Cherokee-Cobb county online severe delays remain after a widely dispersed crash and closed down each lane south of I-75 on Thursday morning, according to the WSB's 24-hour Traffic Center.

The accident involved a Jackknifed tractor trailer, and the Traffic Center reported. The interstate was completely laid south from Ga 92 between Acworth and Kennesaw until the lanes started opening at 6:30 a.m.

One left lane remained closed at 7:30 pm, according to the Traffic Center.

“If you're making your way from the northwest suburbs, your best alternative is U. 41 or I-575,” said traffic reporter Mark Arum.

The express I-75 lanes are accessible at Hickory Grove Road, said Arum, and will also receive commuters across the predicted delays.

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