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Australian Athlete Damaged Room and Crashed on Plane

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Athlete Australia called destroying the athlete’s guest house Tokyo 2020 Olympics before leaving the location, while his contingent mates exhibited bad behavior on the flight back to the country.

The two reports were submitted directly to the Australian Olympic Committee for the inappropriate behavior of its athletes on Tuesday (3/8).

Quoted from Reuters, some Australian athletes broke the bed and made a hole in the wall. However, Australian contingent chief Ian Chesterman said there were no sanctions for the athletes after they apologized.

“Some young athletes make mistakes, they leave the room in unacceptable conditions,” Chesterman said.

“The rooms weren’t completely demolished,” Chesterman added.

The bed at the Tokyo Olympic athletes’ guest house is made of cardboard. (REUTERS/POOL)

Chesterman said the damage done to his athletes was only minor. He also considered the property in the room to be easily damaged considering the bed was made of cardboard.

Meanwhile, the Australian rugby team said it was carrying out an internal investigation after being notified by the contingent about the bad behavior of their players on board.

The rugby and soccer player for the Kangaroo Country Team was claimed to have done something unacceptable on his way home from the Tokyo Olympics.

“Australian rugby knows about the incident involving the team [rugbi] son after being notified by the Australian Olympic Committee,” said Chesterman.

“Rugby Australia has started its own internal investigation into this matter. Rugby Australia expects the highest standards from all its members, modeling the values ​​of the game, respect, integrity, passion and teamwork,” Chesterman continued.

Australian Olympic Committee CEO Matt Carroll added he had received a report from the rugby and football CEO and was investigating reports of a commotion on Friday’s flight to Sydney.

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“It’s very frustrating, but [badan pengatur] rugby and football have informed me that such behavior is certainly not acceptable in their sport, and sincerely apologizes to the Australian Olympic team,” Carroll said.

“While there was no formal complaint from the airline, the unacceptable behavior came to our attention, and I immediately raised the matter with the CEO of the sport,” Carroll added.



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