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Basharov against Peskov! Marat will try to recapture Navka from her current husband

Only a scandalous actor could truly love Tatyana.

The actor and host of the Battle of Psychics, Marat Basharov, is disastrously unlucky in his personal life – he could not arrange for long-term family happiness with any of his wives. Critics of the artist attribute his problems to the difficult character of Marat and his addiction to alcohol, but in reality everything can be even more complicated. In a conversation with Lera Kudryavtseva in the show “The Secret to a Million” Basharov made it clear that in his life he loved only one woman, but she preferred another. This, of course, is about the skater Tatyana Navka, who is now the legal wife of the press secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

I met Navka Basharov on “Stars on Ice”. Both Tatyana and Marat at that time were married to different people, but the love between them gradually developed, in the end, forcing both to leave their families. For two years, the actor and the skater kept their relationship secret from the press, and after revealing the truth, the lovers did not legitimize their relationship. The fact is that Navka found a man much more promising, namely his future wife Peskov. She broke Marat’s heart and flew into a new relationship. But could Basharov really forget her?

Judging by the fact that his new attempts to build a relationship failed one after another, the actor was never able to let Navka go. It is possible that now Marat continues to secretly have feelings for the skater and will probably try to recapture Tatyana from her current husband. Basharov vs. Peskov – the confrontation is really incredible! However, given the spoiled reputation of Marat, his chances of conquering Navka are extremely small; for the sake of an actor who beats his wives and suffers from alcohol dependence, Peskov’s wife will certainly not leave his family.


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