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Iker Salaberria, a leading manista of the amateur field at 19, will not appear in the starting line-up that Doneztebe, his team, will present to Zeanuri in the final of Interpueblos de Euskal Herria tomorrow Sunday, at 11.00 in Zumarraga (ETB4 live). Although he was present in the victory against Iruñea in the Navarre final, this Goizueta pelotari who has been in the Erreka Doneztebarra club for several seasons has not participated in the competition that encompasses the territories of Euskal Herria.

On the other hand, yes was present at the victory of Doneztebe over Azpeitia «At the end of 2016, three years ago. I played the youth match, with partner Jon Mariezkurrena, against Jon Alberdi and Mikel Unanue ». Two of those four protagonists, Mariezkurrena II and Alberdi, are currently Baiko professionals.

That does not mean it's stopped. Quite the opposite. Iker Salaberria will compete on Monday at six o'clock in the afternoon Senior final of the Memorial Zuloaga de Errenteria. He will be paired with Zezeaga against Aitor Etxebarria and Murgiondo. «I have also started in the Old Tournament. I played the first game this week. Soon the Etxabe Dynasty of Zumaia and the Polque will be launched. Later it will be Lezo's turn. Activity I do not lack ».

The results guarantee. In 2019 he won in the tournaments of Tolosa, Mallabia and Lezama more in Bergara four and a half and Navarre Interpueblos. He was also a finalist at San Anton de Elgoibar. "At the Biharko Izarrak in Mallabia I played seven games and ended up a bit saturated. I felt very loaded. I decided to stop. Thus, in June I played only two matches and I have two more in July. From now on, however, I have many ».

For the last month and a half his name sounded as possible incorporation into one of the two large professional companies. In fact, Salaberria regularly rehearses with Baiko pelotaris. «I'm going to train Beasain, Beotibar de Tolosa and Labrit de Pamplona. I did several tests, but in the end I did not make the jump ». The renewal of Iker Arretxe's contract cut him off. "That's in their hands," says Goizueta.

Anyway, The doors of Aspe are not completely closed either. It seems. «In October of last year I was summoned to go to the Labrit of Pamplona. Jokin Etxaniz called me ». Darío's doubts between renewing with the promoter of Eibar or accepting Baiko's offer fed the option of the possible signing of Salaberria to cover the supposed departure of the Ezcaray striker. Finally the Riojan decided to stay in Aspe.

"The pace of these training is different and forces you to give a plus", recognizes Goizueta. "They, the professionals, are used to a higher speed point that you still lack."

"Step forward"

Iker Salaberria looks "good". I think I have taken a step forward. Before, the basis of my game was to fail a little, defend a lot and do good. But it was becoming more and more aware of the difficulties involved in winning games only with defense. I have improved my air set, including the hook. I think I'm more offensive. I am learning".

It is striking that at 19 years old and with a trajectory still short in the amateur field, begin to value him as if he had spent four or five years in the senior category. Your precocity, be a juvenile capable of rubbing elbows with older pelotaris, should not play against him. Quite the opposite.

"I enjoy the ball, and that's what's important," says Salaberria, a student with a higher degree of mechanization in Andoain. «I just finished the first course. The previous one I started Business Administration and Management, but I did not like it and I changed ».

Iker Salaberria presumes difficulties in the Interpueblos final that his team, Doneztebe, will face tomorrow against Zeanuri. "The Biscayans come from winning the semi-final to Astigarraga. If their cadets, Erkiaga II and Emaldi, defeated with authority the Lizeaga brothers, a sign that they are doing well. The day I saw Erkiaga play, the striker finished all of them. Zeanuri also has a good young couple: Urigoitia-Erkiaga I. If they are imposed on those two commitments, the final decided. I see almost more Zeanuri favorite ».

The team of Doneztebe will form the cadets Mikelarena (Oiz) and Garaño (Lekunberri), the juveniles Loiarte (Igantzi) and Agirre (Narbarte), together with the amateurs Barandiaran (Astigarraga) and Gorriti (Uharte-Arakil), all of them present in the semifinal.

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