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Behind the Practicality of Cashless Society

Over time, lifestyle cashless more commonly used in society. This favorite lifestyle of urbanites and millennials is even more perfect with the presence of payment contactless.

In fact, based on the study, it is known that as many as 72% of card holders contactless in Indonesia using payment contactless at least once a week. The pandemic has pushed consumers to use cards more often contactless, with 69% cardholders contactless acknowledged increased use since the pandemic.

In order for the payment process to be maximized and not complicated, you can rely on a card contactless Visa that provides many conveniences, ranging from safer and more hygienic cashless transactions at offline stores, to cards that can be stored in digital wallet applications and e-commerce to meet shopping needs both offline and online.

Experience the convenience of an easy, safe, convenient and hygienic way to pay with just one card, anytime, anywhere because the Visa network is accepted in more than 200 countries so that it can make your lifestyle easier contactless where ever you are.

Interested in using the card contactless, visit the nearest bank and apply now. Check out more information here.

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