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Belgium launches the very first public bench specially designed for breastfeeding

The Elvie brand is setting up the very first breastfeeding bench in the middle of the street for World Breastfeeding Week. The goal? Break taboos and normalize the practice once and for all.

From August 1 to 7 is World Breastfeeding Week. And this year, the event is all the more symbolic as it is marked by the development in the middle of the street of the very first breastfeeding bench. Installed throughout the month of August in Kortrijk, Belgium, the bench was imagined and created by the femtech brand Elvie to encourage breastfeeding in all serenity in public spaces. Indeed, there have been many altercations and violence against mothers risking them in recent months. To name just one, let’s remember the story of Maylis, which has become viral, this young mother slapped in the middle of the street for having breastfed her newborn baby in the queue of a relay point.

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Elvie therefore intends to break the taboo of breastfeeding by offering those who so wish the opportunity to feed their children outside. The bench in question was notably designed to make the experience more comfortable with the help of an armrest and a changing pad. Tania Boler, CEO of the brand said: “We have always believed that every mother, parent and family should be able to decide where and how to feed their baby, without judgment or restriction from others. In addition, young parents must be able to go out freely and without worry. ”

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Mothers wishing to breastfeed wherever they want will also be able to find places in the city provided for this purpose, such as cafes, restaurants or even shops thanks to “Breast Place”, a map specially designed to facilitate their research. The idea is simply to offer these women a space of confidence in which they can feel at ease to breastfeed or change their babies in peace. The brand’s website also specifies on this subject: “Almost all public places can apply to become a“ Breast Place ”, because this does not require any major development. A friendly face and a comfortable place are enough ”. It remains to be seen whether the ephemeral initiative will last over time.

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