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Beware, Trivial Habits That Make Automatic Transmissions Damage Fast

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Automatic transmission offers convenience and practicality compared to manual transmission. Even so, there are still many drivers who often make mistakes in the operation process.

Although trivial, but if left unchecked over time will damage the overall transmission system. Therefore, if the automatic transmission wants to last, the driver must change his habits.

“So besides driving aggressively or frequently moving the lever, there are other mistakes that are often made but are not realized,” said the owner of the Worner Matic specialist workshop, Hermas Efendi Prabowo, to Kompas.com recently.

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Automatic car transmission lever

“Most commonly it is accelerating too fast when the transmission has just been moved to position D or R,” said Hermas.

Usually when the driver moves the lever to position D, without any pause, he immediately steps on the gas pedal. Even though it takes a moment for the transmission to work more optimally.

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So, after moving or shifting the lever to position D, Hermas said it’s best not to step on the gas immediately, but give a pause of about a few seconds.

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Likewise when moving to position R, for example to back off when parking. After being shifted, the driver is also not allowed to directly step on the gas pedal, which seems to force the car to go.

“We are aware that this is done a lot and it also makes the automatic transmission age easily damaged,” said Hermas.

Likewise when you want to move to the P position. The driver should give some time after a complete stop, then move the transmission lever to the P position.


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