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Blizzard’s first “Overwatch” experimental mode: triple damage, a tank

Overwatch chief designer Jeff Kaplan says Blizzard is testing the change to see how it affects the waiting times of the role queue. Typically, if you play a character that deals damage like Genji or Tracer, you can wait up to 10 minutes or more in some situations to enter a single game. The hope is that the tweak won’t break Overwatchthe delicate balance of gameplay while speeding up the queue times for dedicated DPS players.

As part of the experiment, Blizzard is also rebalancing heroes like D.Va, Roadhog and Zarya so that they can swing it like lonely tanks. Changes to hero balance will only enter the standard game if Blizzard decides to implement the 3/2/1 system in standard mode.

“The experimental card is really focused on radical gameplay changes or things we want to try and get your direct feedback on the player,” Kaplan said. “We are not sure of these.” To this end, some of the changes that Blizzard ends up testing the system may have been completely abandoned.

Ever since it announced Overwatch 2, Blizzard has taken a more community-focused approach to his work Overwatch and showed a greater willingness to try things even if they don’t stick together. We saw it earlier this year when the studio announced the new Hero Pools system, which it plans to test in March.

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