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What the diesel driver does not know, he does not buy

Everything has it's price,
especially the things
that cost nothing.

Art van Rheyn

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Georgia limits the ten years of growth and has little unemployment

The tenth consecutive year of growth in job gains was limited by Georgia's economy.

The state contributed 3,900 jobs last month, Georgia's Employment Department reported Thursday.

However, the pace of hiring has been swinging since 2018, even with the widest economic expansion ever expanding. The jobs added last month were on average about a third as much as Georgia on the previous five. The year's growth was 66,700 jobs – the weakest since 2011.

This was still relatively good for the state's unemployment rate to 3.2%, the lowest unemployment rate since the government began to keep track in the mid-1970s.

“Georgia 2019 finished on a big note,” said Mark Butler, the state's labor commissioner.

Signs of concern included dips in hiring among international commerce sectors – evidence that US trade wars are damaging to a number of businesses. But the American consumer continued to wear, and usually made good dependent companies.

The national economy placed 145,000 jobs in December and the unemployment rate was 3.5%.

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