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Zidane: "We knew how to react" – News feed – Spain – Abroad

In a press conference, Zinédine Zidane, the Real Madrid coach, analyzed the Merengue's victory against Sevilla FC (2-1), this Saturday during the 20th day of Liga.

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Dürer's work hiding in a souvenir shop in Vienna

Cleaning sometimes is good. In Vienna, in the majestic Saint-Etienne cathedral, a wall covered by centuries of accumulated dust recently revealed a religious fresco, probably partly produced by Albrecht Dürer. Located above the porch of the monument's souvenir shop, the work represents the saints Marguerite and Catherine, surrounding Saint Leopold, patron of Austria.

The triptych, made on plaster, represents Saint Léopold in the center, surrounded by Saint Marguerite on the right, and Saint Catherine on the left. BDA Irene Dworak

This painting composes an altarpiece, composed of three panels each showing a saint, and a lower part, the predella, also decorated. Experts say the right and left wings on which Saint Margaret and Saint Catherine appear bear the signature of German painter and designer Albrecht Dürer, one of the most renowned artists of the German Renaissance.

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Exceptionally fine, the underlying drawings – made before the application of a final coat of paint – could have been executed on the plaster undercoat by the maestro around 1505.

Dürer's mark … and with an anonymous hand

Interviewed by journalist Martin Bailey for The Art Newspaper , Viennese specialist Erwin Pokorny, the artist, says that "none of Dürer's assistants or followers would have been able to achieve the quality of the virtuoso brushstrokes of [these drawings]".

According to Bernd Euler-Rolle, director of the Office for Federal Monuments in Austria, "the quality of the design undeniably recalls Dürer's works". More cautious, the cathedral believes that it is "undoubtedly from an artist from Dürer's circle", She said in a statement quoted by Martin Bailey.

For specialists, the brushstrokes visible on the wing representing Saint Margaret are reminiscent of Albrecht Dürer's technique. BDA Irene Dworak

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Experts say the drawings discovered in the Viennese cathedral may be proof that the artist, born in 1471 and died in 1528, did indeed visit the Austrian capital during his lifetime.

In addition, the triptych may have been commissioned by the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, son of Frederick III, who attached Austria to his kingdom during his reign. In fact, from 1512, a few years after the drawings of the triptych were made, Dürer became the painter of the court of the emperor, of which he painted the portrait.

If specialists assure that the drawings of the two saints were done by Dürer, it would seem, however, that Saint Leopold and the predella were the work of another artist. The painting of these two sections, probably made around the 1510s, is today more visible than the rest of the triptych, which could attest that the layer of paint was applied much later.

Why did Dürer not finish the rest of the work? For the moment, this remains a mystery. While waiting to learn more about the triptych, the cathedral plans to move the souvenir shop, to better study this new discovery and to give it the respect it deserves.


The Mossad spy who killed his Palestinian terrorist "friend"

STORY – More than 40 years after Operation "Wrath of God", which sought to avenge the hostage-taking of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, Agent D recounts his incredible hunt for the leader of Black September, Ali Hassan Salameh.

Photo published by the Lebanese newspaper As Safir showing the car bomb after its explosion in which the leader of the Black September, Ali Hassan Salameh, was killed.
Photo published by the Lebanese newspaper As Safir showing the car bomb after its explosion in which the leader of the Black September, Ali Hassan Salameh, was killed. AS SAFIR / ASSOCIATED PRESS

Correspondent in Jerusalem

Kill Ali Hassan Salameh! This was the mission entrusted by Mossad to Agent D. The spy, whose true identity has never been revealed, was to eliminate the architect from the bloody hostage-taking of Israeli sportsmen at the Munich Olympics in 1972 head of the secret organization Black September, the terrorist arm of the PLO, the Palestinian liberation movement. Ali Hassan Salameh, known as Abu Hassan, was nicknamed "the red prince" because of his dandy side. He died in a long and relentless hunt in the explosion of his car in Beirut on January 22, 1979.

Agent D had never testified and his face is unknown to the public. He spoke for the first time last month in a documentary from the Hit Hit series of 13e Israeli channel. Without revealing himself. He told the story of his hunt for a man considered the number one public enemy of his country, a man who became his friend, a man whom he had killed

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Facebook says technical error caused by vulgar transfer of Chinese leader name

YANGON (Reuters) – Facebook Inc ( tFB.O) on Saturday a technical error was attributed to the name of Chinese leader Xi Jinping as “Mr Shithole” in positions on his platform when he was translated into English from the Burma, and sorry for any offense that occurred.

State Consultant Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi brings hand to the President of China Xi Jinping at the President's Palace in Naypyitaw, Myanmar, January 18, 2020. Nyein Chan Naing / Pool through REUTERS

The error came to light on the second day of the president's visit to the country of South East Asia, where Xi and Aung San Suu Kyi state signed many agreements covering Beijing's supported infrastructure plans.

A statement on the visit published on the official Suu Kyi page was posted on Facebook with references to “Mr Shithole” when translated into English, and a headline in the Irrawaddy's local news magazine as “Dinner honors President shithole”.

It was not clear how long the issue lasted but the Google translation function did not show the same error.

“We set a technical issue that put incorrect translations from Burma to English on Facebook. This should not happen and we are taking steps to ensure that it does not happen again. We sincerely apologize for the contribution, ”said Facebook in a statement.

President Xi Jinping did not have the name of the Facebook system in its Burma database and the company relied on it. Translation tests also showed and added to similar words beginning with “xi” and “shi” in the Burma “shithole”.

Facebook is blocked on mainland China. But it is not hindered in Hong Kong and mainland companies advertising elsewhere on the platform, making it the largest country in China for revenues after the United States. He is setting up a new engineering team to focus specifically on China's profitable advertising business, which Reuters reported last week.

Facebook had many problems with the transition from Burma in the past. In 2018 it temporarily removed the function after the Reuters report showed that the tool had strange results.

An investigation recorded how the company had failed in its efforts to combat Burma's vitriolic language posts under the Rohingya Muslims of Virgin, some of whom fled 730,000 in military crackdown in 2017 which the US stated that a “genocide resolution” had been committed.

He also pointed out that the translation aspect was flawed, citing an anti-Rohingya position which suggested that Muslims who had been transferred to English were killed as “I would not have a rainbow in Myanmar”.

Reporting by Poppy Elena McPherson; Additional reporting by Katie Paul in San Francisco; Edited by Peter Henderson, Nick Macfie and Edwina Gibbs

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