Bounces are for the highs?


«Do you want to know my technique to take bounces? See and take the cursed ball ». This was how Charles Barkley was asked when he was asked how he was doing it, with less than two meters and a few extra pounds, to be one of the best bounces of the NBA in his sixteen seasons as a professional of one of the members of the the historic American Dream Team of the Barcelona Olympic Games. With its height of 1.98, Barkley is the most mythical example of the "low" pivots that capture as many or more rebounds as the "five" ones over 2.10 in height. The Hakeem Olajuwon, David Robinson, or Patrick Ewing from the Barkley era or, nowadays, big pivots such as Real Madrid Edy Tavares, who sets their 222 centimeters in the ACB and the Euroleague, or the francid Rudy Gobert, who uses his 2.16 highs to take 14 rebounds per game with Utah Jazz and be one of the best defenders of the NBA. As in the case of Barkley, or another myth like Dennis Rodman that exceeded by just two meters, there are always exceptions in the domain of the "high" in the fight for rebounds. And two play at Fontajau. Antonio Hester and Gerard Sevillano take respectively 9 and 7.2 rebounds per game playing with the Basketball Girona at LEB Plata without either of them arriving at both meters: the pivot of Miami measures 1.98 and the wing of Badalona, ​​1.96.

"I could not explain the reason, because I have never been a player who says" what physical animal "or who is now more likely to take many bounces. They simply come to me. I am lucky that I intuit you, that I know how to place it well … ", he explained in an interview with this newspaper Gerard Sevillano about his average rebounds playing, above all, flying in a very physical category like LEB Plata, With many foreigners with more athletic basketball than talented. Thus, once the first twelve league matches have been exceeded, the player that receives the most rebounds from LEB Plata is Antonio Hester, This is a physical prodigy, which with its 1.98 height picked up 108 rebounds: 9 per match. Before arriving in Girona, Hester had been making big numbers in little-known European leagues, Iceland and Switzerland, but before debuting it was already clear that Fontajau would also stand out. "I am a player who proposes, who wants to have an impact on the game both in attack and defense. I have a lot of energy and I like to get there everywhere, "explained Hester, who, for the time being, apart from leading the rebounds table at LEB Plata, is also the second highest rated player in the category (19.2 behind the scorer of Albacete Eddy Polanco) thanks to his 14 points, 9 rebounds and more than 4 fouls received per match.

With 108 rebounds, 9 per match, Antonio Hester is LEB Silver's top rebounder, while Sevillano has scored 12 less (86 and 7.2 on average). Between the two there is only the 18-year-old pivot from the Gran Canaria Khalifa Diop, which is above 2.10, which has taken 90 rebounds this season, four more than Sevillano; while two more African-born Thik Bol (Benicarló) and Mouhamdou Diop (Hospitalet) have averages higher than the Seventeen 7.2 rebounds, despite having taken less in total, because they played fewer games.

Yes, both in overall and average bounces, Antonio Hester is the leader in bounces of the LEB Plata East Conference with its height of 1.98, which contrasts with the physicist of the pivots that dominate the same classification in competitions such as 'ACB, Euroleague or NBA.

In the highest state league, Bosnian Youth Pivot Alen Omic leads the rebounds table with 8.8 rebounds ahead of the Czech of Bilbao Ondrej Balbin, with 8.1. The pivot of the badalonins measures 2.16 and that of the Basques, 2.17. In the Euroleague, three quarters of the same, with 2.13, the Serbian Olympian Nikola Milutinov is the maximum rebounder with 9.8 on average, followed by Nigerian Asvel Lyon Tonye Jekiri, who with 2.11 take 9.4 rebounds per game. Finally, in the NBA, the two top bounces are Andre Drummond (Detroit Pistons), with spectacular 17.1 bounces per game, and the pivot of the Houston Rockets Clint Capela, with 14.7. According to the American league, Drummond and Capela measure the same: 6-10 feet that, after centimeters, would be about 2.08 in height.

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