Braves cut back on tomahawk chop. after complaining Cardinals


Early in the National League Division Series, St Louis Cardinals' lover of Cherokee's descendants, Ryan Helsley, expressed their disappointment at Atlanta Braves from encouraging fans to turn foam timbers. The Braves listened to the complaint about their tradition for many years and took action to address it.


The Braves announced Wednesday that they would reduce the tomahawk.

They abstained from free foam tomahawks to distribute, as they did before 1 and 2 games in SunTrust Park, and they said they did not play graphics or “chip-related” music if Helsley with the finish of the best series of five. However, they did not end all references to the cop, adding that they will postpone further changes until the postal season is completed and that there could be a conversation with “people in the Native American community.”

“We will continue to evaluate how we operate aspects of our brand,” they said in a newsletter.

Braves fans accepted the chanting of war and the chop, which originated from Florida State University, when Deion Sanders began playing for the Braves in 1991 as a mark of his time. He played football and baseball and ran a track in Tallahassee in the mid-1980s.

The tradition continued over the Sanders' period in Atlanta, which ended in 1994. These days, the words “Chop On” on a wall outside the main staff floor were plastered on the lower threshold of the stadium. The same motto is official official Braves hashtag on Twitter. The name “Under the Chop” is on a section sitting behind the fence on the right side with an image of a red tomahawk. A few hundred feet above it is a three-piece sign that resembles a mass of the loud music that lights up when the chant music is played on stage speakers.

And the Braves by trailing the Cardinals about 10 passed in the first inning, a small group of chanting began. The stadium's in-game entertainment team encouraged the crowd to smear and graphics with graphics and music after the Braves put two shoes on the base in the inning.

No reinforcement followed. The Cardinals and fourth inning increased by 13-0.


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