Brothers in Chicago area among victims


There are two teenage brothers who are connected to a Chicago area among the victims who have lost their lives after volcano broke in New Zealand Monday.

Matthew and Berend Hollander died in hospital as a result of injuries from the White Island volcano, according to a letter sent to parents from the Knox Grammar School in Australia.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Berend 16 was and Matthew 13 was.

Their parents, Martin and Barbara Hollander, have not reported, the school says.

The family moved from Northbrook, a suburb north of Chicago, to Australia about five years ago, WLS-TV reported. The teenage mother is from the area and her father is from Sydney.

“We are together with our families crying the loss of our loved ones,” Barbara's parents said in a statement sent to the television station. “The wonderful daughter, Barbara Hollander, and our son-law, Martin Hollander, were a great couple and parents of our grandson.” T

The school remembered the brothers in his letter: "Matthew had close friends and was very popular with his colleagues. He was always enthusiastic about his life and was actively involved in school and year group activities."


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