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Bruno The Mayor denouncing “provocation” of the United States

New dustup between France and the United States on the taxation of the giants of the digital. The French finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, has denounced this Thursday, June 18 a “provocation “ of the United States, who have announced by letter their willingness to “do not continue “ the negotiations within the Organization of economic cooperation and development (OECD) on the taxation of the Glasses.

The minister has indicated that they have received “ a letter from the secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin” in which Washington ad doesn’t want to” continue negotiations at the OECD on the taxation of digital “. Counterparts in British, Italian and Spanish Bruno Le Maire also had knowledge of this document according to the minister.

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“This letter is a provocation “, he lamented, ensuring that France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain had already responded to Us to confirm in a letter their willingness to obtain “a fair taxation of the digital to the OECD as soon as possible “.

A charge maintained ” whatever happens “

“We were within inches of an agreement on the taxation of the giants of the digital, that may be the only ones in the world to have drawn huge profits from the coronavirus “stressed Bruno Le Maire.

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“Is the United States going back on their position and arrive at an agreement by the end of the year 2020 and it is international taxation that will apply (…), either there was no agreement at the OECD, because the United States is the only country to block, in this case we will apply our national duty “, he hammered adding that France would apply a tax to the giants of the digital “whatever happens “.

A promise made then that Paris had decided in January to postpone to the end of the year the collection of this tax, already implemented at the time of the French scale, to allow time for the negotiations to succeed. At the end of January, 137 countries had agreed to achieve by the end of 2020 to an agreement on the taxation of multinationals, under the aegis of the OECD.


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