Can of author, zarzuela and pear for the new recopilatorio de la Simfnica de Cobla y Corda


The Cobla and Corda de Catalunya Symphony (SCCC) will present next week its new compilation in a double concert at the Auditorium of Girona that will unite the most outstanding themes of its latest projects. The author's song by Lluís Llach, zarzuela and opera are the three main characters of the project Classic Enderrock, which reviews the last three works of the training, all awarded with an Enderrock prize in the Classical category.

It is about Toughly Llach, Song of love and war (zarzuela with music by Rafael Martínez Valls and text by Lluís Capdevila and Víctor Mora) and the opera Llull (with music by Francesc Cassú and libretto by Jaume Cabré), three projects that "make up a virtuous triangle of Catalan music" that "carries the essence of the Mediterranean", according to Josep Lagares, vice president of the Metalquímica Foundation, Josep Lagares, entity that promotes the Cobla and Corda Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia. There is also a new version "more epic" The laborers, interpreted jointly with the Polifònica de Puig-reig and which, according to Lagares, is a "humble tribute" to the imprisoned independentist leaders.

The rest of the songs in the repertoire are performed by artists such as Beth, Elena Gadel, Roger Padullés, Gemma Coma-Alabert, Marta Mathéu and Toni Marsol.

Francesc Cassú, the artistic director of the SCCC, reminded yesterday that the training was born as a "fusion of young musicians who consolidate their career with the members of the Principal de la Bisbal". "Every time we have dared bigger challenges," he said, indicating that when they began to develop this "orchestra with a new sound", they had to "generate a repertoire of their own" thanks to composers and arranger.

Baritone Roger Padullés has also been commissioned by the script for the two presenting wires on the album, which will be held on November 29 and 30. As detailed, he tried "not to be hooked into the program by the public" to know what topics they interpret.

Thus, the Girona actor Ferran Frauca, who had already collaborated with the last two projects of the Symphonic Orchestra, will be introducing each song. The presentation will also be combined with the lighting and projections in the room to equip each piece "of a different atmosphere", according to Padullés.

Before the concerts, the training plans to do an open test for high school students from the Vilablareix institute and the Sobrequés de Girona. In total, about 200 students will be able to know first hand what an orchestra is and the preparations before a concert thanks to the project Open Auditorium of the City Council of Girona.

Councilor for Culture, Carles Ribas, stressed yesterday that this educational program aims to promote new audiences and generate vocations for the cultural sector.

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