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Canka leaves Nevėžis and goes to Lokomotiv / News

The lease agreement between Kėdainiai “Nevėžis-Optibet”, Krasnodar “Lokomotiv” and basketball player Abramo Canka, which had to expire in the summer, is terminated earlier.

Abramo Canka

Abramo Canka

MIN: 24.64
PTS: 7.89 (44.9%)
REB: 3.67
AS: 1.22
ST: 1.22
BS: 0.33
TO: 1.56
GM: 9

The 19-year-old joins Krasnodar’s Lokomotiv team and will end the season wearing a Russian club shirt.

The athletic striker played 9 matches in the Betsafe-LKL Championship this season, averaging 7.9 points, 3.7 rebounds and 1.2 interceptions.

In the King Mindaugas Cup tournament, the basketball player scored 10.7 points in 6 matches, rebounded after 3.2 rebounds and made 2.2 assists per match.

“Our team’s search for a balance between youth and experience, and Krasnodar’s club’s desire to invite their own basketball player, was a win-win situation,” said Virginijus Bulotas, the team’s sports director. . “

“I am grateful to this organization for a good time together. I learned a lot of new things here, both on and off the field. I wish everyone good luck and I think we will definitely meet again, ”said Canka to the team.

Italas has been playing in Kėdainiai since the autumn of 2020.

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