Carlos Ghosn case: hearings will begin in April


Arrested by the Japanese police in November 2018, for suspicion of abuse of corporate property, carlos Ghosn has since descended from his pedestal. The former leader of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Motors automotive alliance has reportedly left behind 300 million euros of malfeasance, according to Nissan's internal audit. The Japanese prosecutor's office will start hearings in April in the case of Carlos Ghosn, the Kyodo News news agency reported on Friday. "Tokyo District Court Must Have Dozens of Hearings on (Carlos) Ghosn Next Year, Up to Three Times Per Week", Starting April 21, Kyodo News Says, "A Relative Source folder". "These hearings will focus on the interrogation of (Carlos) Ghosn, as well as current and former Nissan officials," the agency said, adding that the trial of "fundamental disputes" between prosecutors , Carlos Ghosn's lawyers and the judge will run until March.

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Carlos Ghosn denounces "a conspiracy"

The 65-year-old French-Lebanese-Brazilian national, arrested in November upon his arrival in Tokyo, is awaiting trial for failing to report millions of dollars in salary and using Nissan funds for personal gain. Carlos Ghosn denounces since the beginning of the case a "plot" hatched by Nissan to prevent further integration of the alliance with the French car manufacturer Renault.


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