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Cayenne will no longer be the biggest. Porsche is preparing an even larger SUV

Porsche has significantly expanded its range in recent years. And the expansion is still planned, again another SUV is looming.

The arrival of the first generation Cayenne caused a huge uproar in 2002 among orthodox Porsche fans. How can a summer sports car manufacturer offer large SUVs? But in Zuffenhausen they knew what they were doing, Cayenne became a bestseller and actually saved the financially exhausted carmaker. It is no wonder that Porsche’s SUV range has expanded and will continue to expand in the years to come.

As early as 2019, the carmaker announced that it was preparing an electric version of the popular Macan. Its production will start in 2022, while the car will be technically completely different from the current Macan, which is to be added to the offer. The electric derivative is to be created on the newly developed PPE Group platform for large, luxury electric cars, and is to be sold alongside the version with internal combustion engines. At least some time.

It has now become clear that Porsche intends to expand its SUV range in another direction. At a recent presentation for American brand dealers, the company’s management indicated the arrival of an even bigger car than the Cayenne!

Information about Porsche’s future plan was to be accompanied by pictures of such a car. And the many really surprised, because a crossover appeared on them that had nothing to do with Cayenne or Macan. It was an unusually designed car with elements of SUVs and sedans! It had a clearly highlighted “three-room” stern.

However, this is somewhat contradictory news, given that such a model is said to offer three rows of seats. It would be difficult for a seven-seater cab to fit in a car with a sedan-inspired body, if it were not for the rear-facing rear emergency seats, as in the Tesla Model X.

On the contrary, the information that this novelty is to be offered only in electrified form – such as a plug-in hybrid or a battery-powered electric car – makes sense. Porsche simply cannot avoid electrification in the future, and it has its own logic in such a large car.

Of course, the carmaker itself does not officially comment on speculation about a model larger than Cayenne. According to internal materials, this novelty is not expected to arrive until the second half of the decade, so we will wait for it for some time to come. The main markets are then clear, this will simply not be a Porsche for Europe, but rather for the USA, the Middle East or Russia.


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