Chargers vs Vikings: A look at how to match the teams


Break down how the Chargers (5-8) and the Minnesota Vikings (9-4) perform game of the Sunday game at Dignity Health Sports Park.

When the ball is at Chargers

A week after affecting Jacksonville's team who were exhausted and dying, there is a more suitable challenge before Chargers commit in Minnesota, which has every reason to win Sunday. Only three teams have better prevented the red zone zones than the Vikings this season, which is particularly relevant due to the Bears red zone issues'. They reached the final zone only half the time they moved within the opposition 20-yard line, ranking 25 across the league. Minnesota is also connected to the sixth best place with 20 take-aways, and the Bears are tied to the worst sixth with 22 turnover. The Vikings put at least one turnover in 12 of their 13 games. They have had two apiece over the past two weeks. The people of the quarterback Chargers had no Philip Philip win 45-10 over the Jaguars after spending eight medals over three matches. He was asked to identify the most important reason why the Bears had succeeded in being as determined as they had against Jacksonville, coach Anthony Lynn said he was caring for football. A week after Austin Ekeler got 100 yards in retrieval and getting, the Bears could do more to run back Melvin Gordon, which was much better in recent weeks. But it won't be easy. Minnesota only brings up 19.2 points per game to the seventh stage.

When the ball is at the Vikings

The Chargers defense co-ordinator, Gus Bradley, recognized the Vikings as a “dedicated running team” and said, “This will be a challenging challenge for us,” which will lie behind Dalvin Cook (1,108 rushing rod, 503 yards at available, 13 touchdowns) is the fourth best game at NFL in Minnesota, and 135.8 yards on average there. The Vikings held 397 hours and have run 388 times to date. The Chargers have gone over 473 times compared to 306 rushes. So the Vikings will try to run the throat of the defender Chargers, which means that the central backer Denzel Perryman must be very effective. Perryman lost the game last week after he was launched from Jacksonville for unspecified reasons. He punished him, he stands well with Lynn. Arising from its current success, the Vikings like to go bold with an effective and efficient play game. Among the fourth quarters of at least 100 attempts, Kirk Cousins ​​is fourth in the final of the territory behind Drew Brees, Ryan Tannehill and Derek Carr. Cousins ​​also spent 24 contacts with four contacts. There were four interventions by rivers in Week 11 loss for Kansas City.

When they start

With a view to another close game, this could be as the week that Michael Badgley plays an important role again. The chargers made a kicker four field goals in his first time in 2019, against Green Bay in Week 9, after eight games have been omitted because of a groin problem. It was steady – but mostly quiet – since then. Dan Bailey is a former Dallas Cowboy student in his second year with Minnesota. It is 18 for 20 years of age on target efforts and 35 of 38's extra efforts this season.

Jeff Miller Tuar

In this space last week, the Chargers were losing point. Instead, they won five of the sides. So, the Bears are only the first when they fail to meet expectations in 2019. Faced with a much stricter task now, the Bears should be able to compete against teams that would t Now eligible for the NFC playoffs. But, another afternoon when Health Park Dignity Park figures to be packed with competitive loudspeakers, this game means only much more than Minnesota.



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