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Charizard Pokemon card, price of the Kameto Holographic Charizard card – Breakflip

It was live in front of more than 30,000 spectators that Kameto had the chance to obtain the rarest card of the first set of Pokemon cards!

We present you this card, as well as its price.

Charizard, the expensive holographic card

IslandGrown is an American streamer specializing in the world of Pokemon. On his stream, he has been opening for several weeks card boosters live for other streamers to allow them to obtain rare cards and thus expand their collection.

Sunday night, Kameto had therefore done the purchase of two boosters of the 1999 edition to the American streamer. This edition which includes 104 allows to obtain the first cards including a legendary card for a lot of collector: Charizard – Holo, in French Holographic Charizard. This map can be sold at astronomical sums depending on its quality, many reasons make the legend of this map as Robert Hebb indicates:

“There are several reasons why this card is so sought after. Charizard was not only the most popular Pokémon in the Red and Blue video game released in 1998, but it was also featured on one of the 16 Holographic Cards in the 1st Edition of the series, which were the hardest cards to get from booster packs. . “

Produced by Wizards of the Coast, an American printing company, the 1999 edition of Pokemon is very rare as it is estimated that less than 10,000 editions of each card exist, making Kameto’s card even more rare. ! A GEM-MT 10 level card is worth $ 295,000 for example!

To estimate the price of the card, one would need to know its PSA value, a rating that ranges from PR 1 (very poor quality) to GEM-MT 10 which corresponds to an almost perfect printing of the card, leaving no visible detail.

It takes an expert eye to differentiate perfect cards from others

It is therefore on these criteria that Kameto must base himself if he wishes to sell his card or estimate its value. Even though the streamer has announced that he doesn’t want to sell it, it’s a great start to start a collection, but above all a great memory for Twitch!


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