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Cheaper options OnePlus 7 and Google Pixel 3A



New state-of-the-art IPhone for $ 699? That's very exciting many people when Apple announced the iPhone 11.

But what if you prefer the Android operating system, which is dominant in the world, and who lives in a world that Apple doesn't?

The $ 669 OnePlus 7 Pro (Photo: Reviewed.com)

We have some ideas for you.

OnePlus Pro 7: OnePlus Chinese company does not present mega-watch sales locations to introduce products, but feature for feature, this is better than the iPhone 11 $ 699 11 in every way. Start with the price, $ 669; double storage of the iPhone 11 (128 gigabytes to 64 GB); Dedicated self-cam cam, which offers higher resolution group photos; and three main cameras, telephoto (17mm), normal (25mm) and 3X (73mm). In comparison, two lenses of the iPhone are at 28mm and 52mm.

Google Pixel 3A: This will set you $ 399, or $ 300 less than the latest iPhone to restore you, and while it is not rich in terms of aspect as the OnePlus, there may be the features that you care about about them. Start with a Google one-lens camera, which is famous for the shot capability in ultra-low light. Apple says it will match night scene in the new iPhones with a feature that it calls the Night Mode. Then there's a faster charge (Google says in 15 minutes), a 30 hour battery promised and unlimited storage of photos and videos in high resolution, on the Google Photos app. Apple provides free storage for 5 GB users before they are transferred to a payment plan, which starts at $ 2.99 each month.

Samsung Galaxy S10E: The 2019 Galaxy phone starts at lowest price at $ 749, while Best Buy sells you for $ 699 if you act the phone then. Like the iPhone 11, the S10E has a dual-camera lens, while the lenses are for wide and wide angle. You will get double the storage (128 GB) than on the iPhone 11.

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Alcatel 1S: It will never remove any feature, but pouring $ 97.97. The phone has a 5.5 inch screen, 32 storage repository and one camera lens.

LG V35 ThinQ: The cost is $ 399 on Amazon (where it is exclusive company), and includes the dual-lens camera features and 64 GB storage (with extensive memory). It's pre-programmed to speak to Alexa as "Siri the phone" to answer questions and similar.

If you are determined to get a new iPhone, remember that Apple illuminated the prices of the older models.

$ 599 is the $ XR, which was $ 750, and the iPhone 8, which was first released in 2017, is $ 449, the lowest price iPhone in the lineup.

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