Chelo García Cortés and his wife announce a second wedding


Scarcely 4 months have passed since the magazine «Ten Minutes» uncovered the face of Chelo García Cortés' woman with some images in which they appeared during a romantic walk along the beach. Marta Roca Carbonell became from that moment on a public figure and entered fully into the world of the heart. Now, after defending the television on set while she spends hardships in one of the islands of Honduras, during his participation in "Survivors."

Last Thursday, Chelo was expelled from the contest and could speak by phone with his wife. «Hello, honey, you're great. I love you I miss you every day since April 26. On Thursday I'll hug you. The other day you were saying that I had returned in you some illusions, that you loved me, that you were very excited and that you wanted to get married again. When several family matters are fixed, I will accept with immense illusion what you want, because I love you, "he added in relation to the phrase that the collaborator of" Save me "said a few weeks ago:" I want to live. And God willing, I go back again ». «I am going to dedicate all the time you deserve and I have not dedicated you. I will not let you go on Thursday. The Keys have served to return to being the Chelo of a long time ago, "said Marta to an emotional Chelo.

Although he has not stopped working practically at any time, the economic situation of Chelo García Cortés is very worrying. She herself has referred to the issue in public, between tears, even recognizing that the debt is so great "that even if I were 20 years younger, I would not see a future solution". As revealed by the magazine "Readings", the debt that Chelo García Cortés has with the treasury amounts to 1,400,000 euros.

Of this total, 624,150 euros owed to the Tax Agency, which would have seized 50% of the house that is in the name of the Galician. In addition, on this part is added another embargo for a value of 56,156 euros. On the family houses also weigh mortgages for a value of 671,313 euros, along with a line of credit of 60,770 euros and a debt to a lender of 70,000 euros. For this reason, the publication states that its participation in the Honduran reality has a lot to do with the impressive amount it owes, and that, in fact, the Treasury has seized 70% of its salary. But how is it possible that Chelo García Cortés was seen in this situation? For living "beyond their means", according to his companion Mila Ximénez, and for spending "hands full", according to José Manuel Parada.


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