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Cheshire writes history and wins his first UFC title at the age of 42 – Martial Arts – Sportacentrs.com

Glovers Tešeira (33-7) overthrew 38-year-old Polish wrestler Jan Blahovic from the champion’s throne, for whom this was his second title fight. The Brazilian wrestler, who had his first professional MMA fight in 2002, has now made a new entry in UFC history books.

Tesheira’s trump card against Blahovich was a fight in the ground floor, which the Brazilian immediately tried to use, being able to quickly knock down his opponent to the ground in the first round. When the second round started again, Blahovič also hit several good shots, but one pole was missed. After that, the second was also successful takedown an attempt by a Brazilian – this time Cheshire managed to grab the opponent’s neck, no longer give Blahovich any chance to break, and the Polish wrestler had no choice but to signal his surrender by parting from last year’s belt.

“Never give up on your dreams. No matter what other people say – don’t listen to those who send you negatives. Believe in yourself and move on,” Tesheira said after the victory. The Brazilian wrestler celebrated his 42nd birthday three days ago, but did not intend to stop yet and is already expressed readiness to meet next year with the next candidate for the title – the Czech Jirži Prohāzka.

A great duel for the spectators was taken care of by Peter Jan (16-2) and Corius Sendheigen (14-3) – in the second main battle of the evening with the unanimous decision of the judges Russian wrestler Jan became the temporary champion of the lightest weight division, who was able to turn the struggle into a favorable bed in its second part.

For a full 25 minutes, the two maintained a high pace, with the duel becoming real chess match. The wrestlers performed the combination after combination, attacking both the head and the body. Jan repeatedly took sharp kicks on his opponent’s legs and waist, while Sendheigens responded with his own brand – flying knee knee kicks. The fight took place point by point, but the first turn, in which the weight cups temporarily weighed more in favor of one of the wrestlers, took place at the end of the third round, when the Russian wrestler spinning backfist The blow in the turn sent the Americans into a knockout. Also in the fourth round, Sendheigens missed several dangerous Jan blows, but he was still there, answering at the first opportunity.

Jan and Sendheigen ended the fight with acrobatic kicks and were ready to continue after the signal of the fifth round. After 25 very equal minutes of fighting, after the end of the duel, the two thanked each other for a great fight, but only one became the winner. “I knew that Corius was a worthy opponent and that the fight would be difficult. Everyone knows who the real champion of this division is, “ after the victory, said Jan.

Savu Dagestan lightweight wrestler Islam Makhachev won the ninth in a row (20-1), further cementing its status as perhaps the most menacing title contender in the division. In his recent victory over Den Hooker (21-11), Mahachev made the first attempt to transfer the fight to the ground floor, where Islam quickly arranged a hand-breaking technique, forcing the opponent to give up. Mahachev was originally scheduled to meet former lightweight division champion Rafael Dos Anjos, but due to an injury from a Brazilian a month before the fight date, he had to look for a new opponent – the sixth issue of the lightweight rating, Hooker, responded to the challenge, but was far from the desired outcome.

Mahachev has now accumulated as long a series of victories as lightweight UFC champion Charles Oliveira, but he has not yet fought against any of the rankings. top 5 wrestlers. “It’s just business for them all – then they win, then – they lose, but I come after the belt,” Mahachev said after the victory.

Another favorite of the local pulpit became one of the main characters of the evening Hamzats Čimajevs (10-0), who in 11 minutes and 16 seconds took the 11th place in the UFC mid-weight division rating, the Chinese Li Jinlianu (18-7), winning by strangulation. During the fight, Chimayev did not allow the opponent to make any strokes, he also managed to talk to the UFC President Dean White at the moment when he had lifted the opponent in the air and carried him to the corner of the octagon.

For the Chechen wrestler, this was the first fight after 13 months of absence – in four UFC battles Chimayev won four times and only 2 (!) shots were taken together, and none of the ten fights in his career in Hamzat’s octagon are delays longer than the second round. “I come after everyone. I all kill. I am a champion, I am a king, ” full of energy after a short evening in the office was Chimayev.


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