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China Strictly Bans Celebrities Showing Their Wealth on Social Media

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Chinese government has banned celebrities in the country from showing off their wealth on social media. The warning is part of China’s latest crackdown on the entertainment industry.

China’s Cyberspace Administration last week announced that celebrities in the country are not allowed to flaunt wealth or splurge on social media. The rules also prevent celebrities from publishing false or personal information, provoking their fans against other artists and spreading gossip.

Business Insider also reports that celebrity and fan social media accounts will be required to adhere to public order and good habits. They are also asked to adhere to the correct orientation of public opinion and values, promote socialist core values, and maintain a healthy style and taste.

China is strengthening its grip on various fields including the entertainment industry. The new rules are the latest in a government crackdown on Chinese celebrities.

In September, Chinese celebrities were also banned from worshiping money, leading a hedonistic lifestyle and extreme individualism. This prohibition was expressed at an entertainment industry symposium by the Communist Party.

The meeting, which was attended by senior communist party officials and entertainment industry bosses, had the slogans love the party, love the country, support morality and the arts. The government asks celebrities to adhere to social ethics, personal morality and family values.

According to the Chinese government, celebrity culture that pursues wealth is a product of Western culture. This is dangerous and threatens communism because it promotes individualism over collectivism.

And by August, China had blacklisted a number of rogue celebrities. Zhao, 45, and Zheng, 30, were both blacklisted along with Chinese-Canadian pop star Kris Wu.

In a memo leaked last month, Beijing plans to ban video games featuring gay relationships, effeminate men or games that allow you to choose to be good or evil.

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